Marnik Take Us “Up & Down”

The incredibly successful dance duo Marnik are back at it this week. They have produced a slightly different kind of record with “Up & Down,” which sees a release through Sony Music Germany. Highly respected after the likes of “Children Of A Miracle” and more recently “Gam Gam,” fans are going to love this one.

Giving a piano-led, super infectious energy from the start, despite its jaunty melodies and singalong vocals, “Up & Down” stems from Marnik’s caution to the younger generation about not getting brainwashed by those who are older, and conforming to societal pressures.

They say: “Up & Down is a very special song to us… With this song we wanted to share with the audience something different to what we used to do in the past, and show the kind of artists we really are.”

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