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The warmest music video of this spring: “Melting” by Nico Cartosio

A moving video about a composer playing on the Roman pavement to see his girlfriend smile won hearts of more than 5 million people. The video is already called the warmest and most romantic music video of this spring.

Nico Cartosio is called a present-day genius for a reason. Not every man can make such mind-blowing progress in his career in such a short term. Just twelve months earlier he was recording his first tracks and few people knew him.

It all started with the idea to make a video for his composition “Snow above the Earth (Requiem For The Tunes Unplayed)”. The video was filmed by his friends and nobody could’ve imagined that it would become so popular on YouTube. Today the music video has been watched more than 4 million times!

British producers couldn’t help but notice such a breakneck success, because users shared this video both on their social nets’ accounts and on the subject-related forums. No wonder that Nico Cartosio soon received an offer of cooperation. It was an unmistakable success, because he got a unique opportunity to record his compositions on the famous “Abbey Road” recording studio. This is exactly where “The Beatles”, “Radiohead”, “Pink Floyd”, Winehouse and other.

One of the most inflammatory music videos of the last autumn was Nico’s “Cocaine March”. It arose quite a lot of discussion, nevertheless, the composition entered Top-200 of British iTunes classic. A video for “Christmas on the Moon” was also widely discussed. It’s a sad melody that has completely changed the common idea of Christmas was nominated for BMVA.

But the real discovery was the music video for the composition “Melting”. A sentimental and romantic story touched hearts of many of the Cartosio’s fans. Now it’s the leading composition according to the amount of views. In less than a month the video flew across the world getting tons of complimentary reviews. It’s still being reposted on social media and discussed on related music resources.

“Melting” – a breakthrough towards freedom.

The debut album is going to be released on April, 17th. The composer worked on his album in cooperation with the best musicians: Frank Ricotti, John Lenehan, John Mills, Gavin Greenaway. These people created soundtracks for movies like “The Batman”, “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Harry Potter.

In his first album Nico Cartosio tells an insightful story about a journey to his cold hells. According to a Tibetan belief, souls of sinners freeze there after death. But they can escape from these hells by disposing of ego when they reach the deepest of hells. All they need is true love. This breakthrough is depicted by the composer in “Melting”.

Pre-order is already available now in three formats: digital, CD or vinyl! 

Stay tuned with the composer’s latest life news: 

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