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Fighting Back Against Puffy Eyes With Genucel

Standing in front of the mirror can be a humbling experience, particularly if you are dealing with baggy, puffy eyes. As we grow up, the muscles on our face begin to weaken. At the same time that our facial muscles weaken, the fat that cushions the bottom of our eyes will begin to move forward. These two coinciding acts can cause our previously tight-skinned face to look a little fatigued. While age is the primary instigator of baggy eyes, water retention is another trigger. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the loose skin around our eyes, there is no reason that we have to live with it. In fact, something as simple as a skin care routine could do the trick.

While there are invasive procedures that can be used in order to address cosmetic issues on our face, that should never be the first choice that is considered. Instead, gentle skin care routines can actually solve plenty of our skin problems. Genucel is a premium provider of skin care products that are meant to target problems like droopy eyelids and baggy eyes. The five-step skincare routine is built around one primary ingredient known as Eyeseryl. Eyeseryl is something known as a tetrapeptide. What does Eyeseryl do? Well, it works to visibly reduce that problematic puffiness that localizes around our eyes. You can find Eyeseryl in a whole host of anti-aging products. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at their five-step program.

Step 1 – Treating With Plant Stem Cell Therapy

The routine starts with plant stem cell therapy. This step focuses on rejuvenating the skin in your ocular area. Using Eyeseryl as the primary instigator of change, adherents to the program will see their baggy and puffy eyes visibly improved in a manner of weeks. In fact, this rejuvenation process can help to really turn back the clock when it comes to the aged look of our skin.

Step 2 – Using The Eyelid Treatment

After step one, this routine offers up a specialized eyelid treatment. This serum is applied to your eyelids in order to help tighten the entire area around your upper eyelid. Peptides have long been proven to alleviate baggy skin and it is no surprise that they are effective when it comes to dealing with our own baggy eyes.

Step 3 – Alleviating Problematic Wrinkles

This step of the routine alleviate the primary triggers of baggy and droopy eyes, they’ll also have the chance to start ironing out wrinkles in the same area. The Genucel XV treatment consists of a powerful blend of anti-aging ingredients with the primary focus being on hyaluronic acid and CoQ10. These two ingredients lead the charge in moisturizing lightening areas of our skin that have been impacted by sunspots.

Step 4 – The Overnight Fix

For a more immediate impact on our anti-aging efforts, Genucel Immediate Effects offers a solution. This serum relies on Relaxoderm techniques in order to alleviate wrinkles around our eyes. While this is not a permanent solution to problematic wrinkles, it will provide you with relief for up to 24-hours per application. This product is safe, all-natural, and perfect for a quick fix before heading out for the night.

Step 5 – Embrace Microdermabrasion

The five-step treatment plan ends with Cristalles Microdermabrasion. This anti-aging technique is typically reserved for high-end spas, but is made more affordable when conducted at home. Relying on magnesium oxide, you’ll be able to address discolorations, dry skin patches, and harsh lines with only 3 minutes of usage per application.

The entire program is built around clinically tested and scientifically backed ingredients and techniques. Eyeseryl has been proven to reduce puffiness underneath the eye in nearly 95% of users during clinical trials. All of the aforementioned products are developed without dangerous chemicals or additives.

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