Before we go on to tell you about the top 7 things that you should do while you are in Nepal this vacation, we would first like to comment why Nepal could be the best destination for your holiday. Sandwiched between the two great countries India and China, is the historically rich and the most beautiful of the lands called Nepal which is a big attraction for the tourists around the world. Nepal is the Home to majestic top of Mt. Everest, and it is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, a country that is known for never getting colonized, this beautiful land has breathtaking views and such amazing landscapes that the spirit of adventure and the love for nature, both would burst in you while you are there for the holiday. Presenting a magnificent blend of the destinations to travel and the rich culture, Nepal and charismatic people would add to the beautiful memories for you for the rest of your life.

The 7 best things you should do while you are in Nepal

Now that you have planned to visit Nepal this holiday, you sure would be wondering the things to be done on your trip. There is so much to do in Nepal that taking the information in this aspect before leaving would prove very helpful to make your trip full of joy. It is wrongly assumed that Nepal is the land of mountains and the only thing it offers is trekking. When you have gone through this post, you will find that there is a lot more that Nepal offers than just trekking.


It is true that the name of Nepal, in the tourism world, is known for the amazing trekking destinations it has to offer to the tourists. A big part of the Nepali tourism comes from the trekking adventures that it gets across the year. The snowy summits of the Mount Everest, the shorter treks and the diverse trekking options in the Annapurna region is what attracts the adventure lovers to come to Nepal and spend the time of their life in it.


Trekking the mountains is at the lower heights that is usually up to 7,000 meters in Nepal. Climbing the peaks is something different and requires certain climbing skills from the past as it is a dangerous adventure and not everyone can do it. Mountain peak climbing is another popular adventure that the tourists love to do in Nepal and you should also give it a try if you do not have a faint heart. You can find the guides and the groups going for climbing the peaks at the foot of the mountain and enjoy the taste of adventure for climbing with them. Of all the treks available, Everest Base Camp Trek is definitely one of the most popular ones and can be done by most people in decent physical condition.”

Cultural Tours

Although Nepal is a small country in terms of area, but the diverse nature and the rich history makes it a cultural hub and those who love to have some cultural tours, would find themselves in the cultural heaven while they are in Nepal. Since there are people from several ethnicities in Nepal, all coming from different areas, beliefs and languages, the combined effect makes a beautiful blend, something you would love to indulge yourself in. so don’t plan all your trip only for the adventures on the mountains, but do plan to check on the culture of Nepal as well.

Short hiking

Nepal has a rich variety of the treks for all the enthusiasts who would love to trek. There are the extremely challenging ones such as the Everest Base Camp Trek and then there are very enjoyable short ones that you can complete in a single day. So whatever is your capability for trekking, you can choose a trek according to that and enjoy the treks in a short frame of time. These treks are also popular among the people who visit Nepali summit for a short time.

White water rafting

Trekking isn’t the only thing to do when you are there. The white water rafting is something that the adventurers and the tourists love to do in Nepal as well. The long rivers with clean water and the mountains, jungles and beautiful landscapes that run along these rivers, low costs of the rafts and the guides, make the rafting something more exciting and more adventurous for the tourists compared to any other part of the world. So when you are there, don’t miss it up.

Wildlife tours

If you have a thing for the wildlife then Nepal certainly will prove to be the best place to savor your love for the animals as there are so many national wildlife parks across the country that you can enjoy seeing all the animals closely easily. The Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are the largest and the most famous ones and you can spend like 4 days in each while exploring the wildlife and enjoying the jungle surroundings. There is a big variety of animals found in Nepal and the wildlife parks are the best way to enjoy seeing these animals living in their natural habitat while they are really close to the humans as well.

Adventure Sports

Since Nepal is the home to the tallest summits of the world, the adventure sports in Nepal are numerous and the tourists just love to enjoy these sports. These sports typically are bungee, paragliding, mountain flight, ultra-light flight etc. and all of them require the mountains and heights to get done. The guides and the trainers of these sports in Nepal are very friendly and you will for sure enjoy these sports in their company.

To conclude, we would like to say, that whenever you are in Nepal, make sure you have added all these things to your list so that nothing misses up and you get a chance to enjoy the charismatic effect of Nepal and all that it has to offer. We wish a happy adventure filled holiday to you.

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