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INTERVIEW: Finding September

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Let It Burn”?

“Let It Burn” is actually the heaviest song on our EP, “History.” We wanted to do something a little different and show some versatility.  As you progress through each song on the EP, each on gets a little heavier and a little grittier.  “Let It Burn” is the last track and it is definitely a statement piece. Everyone’s been there….in that place where you finally say, “you know what, I’ve had enough.  I’m going to get you back for what you did and everything you put me through.” and the song says it, “I’ll burn you worse than you burned me.”

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Yeah, actually I was in a bad place with a relationship at the time and all the pent up emotion I had was just released into the song. I was at a place where I finally drew the line and said that  if karma doesn’t get you soon, I will. At first the song was very dark, but I ended up revising and editing it down to really capture what I had been feeling at the time.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

“Let it Burn” was actually getting a lot of attention in the metal space.  So we wanted to capitalize on that and get a video filmed so we could continue to push the song.  The filming of the video was so much fun.  It was actually shot over 3 different performances we had in in the local San Antonio music scene.

The single comes off your new album History – what’s the story behind the title?

“History” really developed out of all of our crazy experiences we all went through or were going through at the time. We wanted to take the listener on this roller coaster ride of fun in the sun, summer vibe with “Summer Club to each song after that getting a little deeper and darker with “Darkest Greys” and finally finish it out with “Let It Burn”.  Each songs represents our history. We really wanted to write something that everyone could relate to in their own special way. We all go through life’s struggles, and sometimes, it takes us to a darker place where we never thought we would end up. Through our music, we want to show the listeners that you can break out of this bad place. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

How was the recording and writing process? 

The weeks leading up to the recording were extremely stressful.  As with all bands and their debut EP, we wanted everything perfect.  We had 4 of the 5 songs done.  The last one, “Darkest Greys” actually almost broke up the band. It was definitely a crazy time. Once we all hugged it out and got back to business, we were ready to start recording.

The actual recording process was a blast.  We locked ourselves away over a long weekend and recorded with Pablo Viveros, the drummer from Chelsea Grin.  It was an amazing experience for us.  We all learned a lot about the process and about how far we could push ourselves. In between tracking we kept ourselves busy with playing Mario Cart.  That always took the edge off. J

 How would you say you have grown since your inception?

As a band, I think we have all learned a lot about ourselves, our musicianship, and the industry as a whole. We took everything that came to us head on and learned some very important lessons. We really did push each other and even reached a few breaking points and some aha moments. Our new music that we are working on currently, truly shows not only our personal growth but also our growth as a unit.

What aspect of the pop punk genre did you get to toy with and disrupt?

Our music is definitely a little different and is not the cookie cutter  pop punk that you are used to hearing. We are a mix of pop punk with a lot of metal influences.  We love it because it’s what sets us apart from everyone else in the genre. The boys in the band are all metal heads and then there’s me. I love pop punk, R&B and rap.  We each throw our unique sound into the mix and get this really awesome music.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Growing up we all go through different experiences, some good and some bad…. some really bad…  We struggle with friendships, relationships…..just life in general. For us, our inspiration was what we were all going through during that time.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes absolutely.  We are planning a summer tour starting in the later part of June.  We will be hitting 7 different states this year. We are totally pumped!

What else is happening next in Finding September’s world?

We are super excited to be jumping back into the studio next month…  New music is definitely on it way!!

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