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Little Birds new single gHost is here!

Photo by Georgia Roberts-Van Newkirk

A synthetic force of melody comes rising from the shadows. In less than four seconds, it’s transformed before our very ears into a swanky club groove. Drums forge a chic rhythm in the background. A vocal creeps into focus, and wisps through the ridges in the tempo without encountering anything to slow its urgency. The words reverberate in an insular pod located deep within the mix, and their intimacy is flanked with a chilling minor key chaos that is dripping with irony when we listen a little closer to the content of the poetry it’s trying to colorize. Little Bird’s new single “gHost” gets off to a marvelous start, but if you thought that this song was going to dispense its sharpest points in the first two minutes of play, you’d better think again.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2fnV6seL0Y3klLT1gR7Qa2

Time has no relevance when we’re listening to “gHost.” The rhythm in the tempo of the track is deceptively faster than the music itself is, but instead of feeling like the instrumental half of the song is jumping the gun, it’s almost as if we’re listening to two different ballads being played simultaneously in perfectly obtuse synchronicity. There’s a lot going on in “gHost,” and while Little Bird definitely isn’t holding anything back conceptually in their latest studio effort, they aren’t overstating their experimental nature to such a degree that the song becomes a giant pile of atonal harmonies and gilded grooving. Everything in this track has its place in the meticulously constructed master mix, and the tight execution of the content doesn’t allow for any of the refined details in the music to become fractured as we consume them. Just a couple of seconds after the two minute mark, Little Bird descend upon an instrumental breakdown of sorts that instantly made me think about outer space and the isolation that astronauts must feel when exploring a world so foreign to our own. It’s unsurprisingly the theme of their new album  roxima, from which “gHost” was cut as the first single, and the underlying mood of the record is undisputedly present in this song. The spacey rhythm resembles floating aimlessly in an antigravity environment, while the lyrics themselves sound like the introspective contemplations of an intergalactic traveler desperate to find a little bit of meaning in the complexities of our universe.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thisislittlebird/

“gHost” disappears into the ethers on the whim of an explosion of instrumental catharsis, but its emotive impact on audiences will linger long after any given spin. Little Bird have yet to turn in a song that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy, but they’re taking their sound to the next level with this single and getting in touch with an aspect of their creativity that was previously left undisturbed, even in the more experimental tracks of their album Familiar. You’re not going to hear another

band like them in their scene, and for my money, there are only a few groups working with the same degree of dedication that they show in “gHost” actively touring in, and around, the world today.

by Gwen Waggoner

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