BOOK REVIEW: Ira Kaufman & Velimir Srića – The World is Broken, We Need to Fix It: Path to Strategic Harmony

The World is Broken, We Need to Fix It: Path to Strategic Harmony is a long and rewarding examination of the state of our world today that proposes a vast array of possible solutions for overcoming the growing list of social and political ills we face as a species. It resists any inclination for preaching to the reader but, rather, attempts to persuade through a solid presentation of data and argument how we, as the human race, might better serve the future through refurbishing how we conduct ourselves and view the world around us. One example of many is how our societal values have either fallen away over time or else are increasingly fractured across geopolitical and generational lines. The book is long but needs to be because the reach of what we will need to reorient ourselves as a global society is so demanding.


Some of the terms they adopt for pushing their vision of a better world for us all may prove daunting for less educated readers, but the book never relies too much on this sort of verbiage in order for the volume to succeed. Instead, the vast portion of The World is Broken, We Need to Fix It: Path to Strategic Harmony leans on research and “story” examples from human history in order to promote its ideas, but this isn’t some professorial thesis with hundreds of footnotes requiring the reader to cross-reference it with the work of others. They do include a number of footnotes, however, and open each chapter with quotes from various sources to further their points and springboard into the specific chapter’s discussion. They are helpful without ever being too ostentatious and the sources are uniformly recognizable.

It’s easy to follow and written in a straight forward way. That’s extremely rare, I think, in a book dealing with this subject matter and I applaud how the writers are unafraid to reference religion, without ever lapsing into chest beating belief, in order to illustrate some of their more important points about human nature. That’s an underrated achievement in these fractious times. Their focus on human nature emphasizes that no real change in our trajectory is possible unless we first look into ourselves and realize we cannot reshape the world without reshaping ourselves. This is an observation wholly missing, in my opinion, from the social discourse of nations like my own, United States, for instance. They point out without judgment, however, how other regions of the world realize what Americans do not and use it as an example of the brokenness we face.

Ira Kaufman and Velimir Srića’s The World is Broken, We Need to Fix It: Path to Strategic Harmony may be lengthy, but it’s well worth a look. It isn’t, however, a book you can dip into at various points and reap its rewards. Instead, it’s a book that demands being read from beginning to end so you can comprehend the full scope of its proposed agenda. Bear with it and you will, perhaps, walk away with a new perspective.

by Michael Rhodes

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