Top romantic movies of all time for the loving hearts

A romantic film can change your mood instantly with its steady dose of heart-melting moments. Hollywood has made many such stories that rule the choice of every watcher who wants to curl up and indulge in them for a different experience. So, here are some movies from this genre that are hard to miss.

Pretty Woman

A unique love story of a billionaire businessman and a hooker, this film has Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the lead. How they meet and love blossoms between them is what makes the whole story extraordinarily touching and dream-like.

The Notebook

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, the movie has a basic plot where a rich girl and a poor boy fall in love with each other. But the way this story carries on is impressive. It has its special romantic and comic moments to keep you hooked till the end. Whether you watch it the first time or multiple times, you are sure to cry and laugh with the characters on screen.

No Strings Attached

Adam and Emma are not normal couples who look for an emotional bond in a relationship. They want to keep it only physical. But things change over time with certain turns and twists. Where their fate takes them in this relationship makes it a sweet watch and one of the best movies.

50 First Dates

Not just the title but the whole film drives you mushy as you watch it. Lucy is suffering from a short-term memory loss, and her lover Henry chooses to woo her on every date (hence, the title of the film) knowing pretty well that she will again forget all this.

The Holiday

What happens when two girls living in two different geographies swap their houses to run away from their relationship troubles in the expectation of a better holiday experience? They fall in love with the local guys, and from there on, everything changes. Cameroon Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black set the right tone for the movie with their chemistry and performance.

Love Actually

The season of love, Christmas, is here and eight couples are going through different experiences in their relationship. From heartbreaks to crushes to falling in love, the film covers everything to hit the right chords with the viewers.


From love, romance, passion, and sadness, the movie shows you every shade of life in its most beautiful form. The ship in which Jack and Rose were traveling along with other over thousand passengers sinks, but their story of love finds its way to reach the people. The intense moments when people cry for their lives, Jack and Rose struggle too, make your eyes moist, yearning and praying for them to be alive.

All these and other romance-laden movie themes take you on an emotional journey with them. Despite knowing that the characters are fictional, you cry, laugh, feel angry or happy, and get sad. So, watch these if you still have not, and enjoy a sweet touchy moment with those characters.

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