Making Art a Competition: How Aspiring Musicians Rise to the Top

Are you a musician or a songwriter? Do you spend hours upon hours of every day trying to create the best music ever and fine-tuning it, even throwing in the great visuals? You put it on social media and upload it with nothing but a lot of hope that this is it; this is the music that will finally firmly put you on the map. You can almost hear your praises being sung. Your upload is done, and the music is live. Now, you have to wait for fame and glory to begin.

If you have been through this experience before, then you know that this is nothing more than fantasy. You will probably spend long days and nights looking at your analytics on whatever social media platform you uploaded your music too and agonizing over the pathetic response and engagement it is getting. It is possibly the most disappointing experience you could ever go through.

Lightning in a Bottle

Certain acts and songs have broken this curse. They went on to become great and catapulted their creators to unfathomable fame and good fortune. There have been so many such incidences that we can’t say it was luck. There was certainly more to it. So what magic formula was used by these special people? Well, that’s what we’re going to explore in this article.

The thing about most people, not just in the music industry but in many industries, is that they wait for things to happen to them. They are talented, and they know it, so they wait for the universe to bend the knee and kiss their boots. When this does not happen, they get bitter and jaded, calling those who seem to make it “lucky.”

Making Your Own Luck

However, if experience has anything to teach it is that luck is rare and that what we often call luck is the result of many years of hard work, diligence and patience. There was a lot of networking, a lot of works released, a lot of search engine optimization (SEO), branding, image building and failure before all that success rolled in. The very best and most successful people know that hope is no strategy; action is.

That might seem like a lot of hard work, but you can do it. A good first step to take is to take full advantage of your own strengths. The trick will be to find a balance between what makes you uniquely creative and expressive and what will reach the broadest of audiences.

Many artists have used this successfully, including Lindsey Stirling, OK Go and Hiatus Kaiyote, among others. Leverage what it is that makes you unique and use it to foist yourself to great heights that others can only dream of.

Ultimately, making it in the world of music is about being in competition with yourself constantly. Think of what you did yesterday and try to best it. Work on learning everything you can about SEO and growing a following on social media. The key is not to get it right the first time, but rather to learn from every time you get it wrong and use the opportunity to bounce back into the game. Eventually, when you do get it right, you will do it so well that most of the world will think you got it right the first time.

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