The Most Popular Tricks to Search for a New Job

Labor market is very competitive and your first task in order to get profitable proposition is to stand out of other applicants. It deals with every detail starting with your CV and ending with your behavior after the interview. Good news! There are tons of tips and hacks to achieve success. Besides, many interesting tools on the Web can automate your job hunt and make it more productive.

How to Behave and What to Do Before and After the Interview

  1. Invent Stories and Pick up Examples to Demonstrate your Skills

Keep in mind this tool as one of the most crucial ones while your job-hunt. As a rule, people adore listening to the stories that’s why think of having some amazing tales to spare. Use them during the interviews to make your skills, experience, and abilities visible to the potential employers. Shed the light on your strengths in an entertaining manner to impress the interviewers. Catch some tips on how to prepare such stories:

  • Write down several fairly recent and true patterns taken from your previous experience where you showed desired behavioral models and skills that employers want to get. Analyze the situation and revise your actions, think about the result and the reasons for it.

  • Select the patterns that highlight your advantages only.

  • Divide your set of patterns into 2 categories – the happy-end stories and the situations that started awful but ended in the best way.

  • Add some other versions to each pattern to see alternatives and adapt them to the several positions.

Besides, this approach gives you a chance to show your communicative skills and to relax while answering the questions. The main thing is to pick the right story up to the certain employer’s question.

  1. Never Forget to Thank

When the interview is over, the result may be obvious or not. However, find the time to write a short letter of thanks and send it via email. Try to avoid indifference and clichés to stress on how much you appreciate the company’s attention. Such courtesy make the potential employer remember you even if you don’t fit the job. In that case, on occasion, he/she will recommend you to others.

  1. Become a Follower

Some people concentrate on just one company when looking for a vacancy. That’s neither good nor bad. Some job seekers consider it the unreasonable strategy that reduce your chances to get a great proposition. However, there’s nothing wrong with making so firm choice.

Imagine that you failed during the interview. First, the thank-you note remains valid. Second, start following the company. Track their activity on their website or join the community on social media to leave comment, writing reviews, etc. Send your offers and propositions if you have ideas as for the company’s development or increasing their sales. The main thing is not to let forget you and to remain informed of the course of events.

Some Technical Tweaks

  1. Use Tweeter’s Opportunities

Every day plenty of HRs place jobs in Tweeter. Make your own list of recruiters, agencies, and job search websites and check them daily in order not to miss a good chance.

  1. Online Career Services

Some platforms on the Web are very helpful for career management. They let you keep track of jobs you apply for, of relationships and follow-up opportunities, as well as monitor your target companies list. Such services usually have mobile versions or apps to download on smartphones and tablets.

Some of the platforms contain various tips, tutorials, and entrepreneur videos to help with your career management. The majority of them are free but with the option to upgrade to premium paid features.

  1. Create LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profile is a good way to display resume that is consistently updated. If you want the paper format, no need to sit at the desk for hours writing it from scratch. You can just export it via LinkedIn’s Resume Builder. Note that to make it possible, you should register on this social media and subscribe to Premium Career.

If you’re ready to start turning into the lucky job hunter view some job offers, try yourself in building your career right now. Read the descriptions and requirements to start your preparations based on the tricks mentioned above.

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