INTERVIEW: The Weadon Boys

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Really fabulous.  How about you?

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “I’m Alright”?

“I’m Alright” is built to make you experience that feeling of sunshine, the right special friend, and the perfect moment.  It’s optimistic and life affirming, a challenge to the conformist outlook that life must always be based on work, struggle, and playing by THEIR rules – “we ain’t keeping score like they do.”  It’s about a philosophy of life that says it’s ok for the purpose of our lives to be relaxing and having a great time.  It’s about finding magic in life.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

This song is inspired by a considered view of our own life experience.  So often, the highlights of our lives have been unexpected, unplanned moments of euphoria inspired by the right friends, simple pleasures and a relaxed, unworried mind.  I don’t have to “achieve” something to feel happiness – in fact, happiness is my natural condition if I can just forget about my worries or outward circumstances.  “I’m Alright” tries to help get us there.  Because when I’m truly relaxed, then I’m alright, and, in fact, my experience is that the more I live that way, the more magic I attract into my life.  “Let’s get some dollars raining from heaven right here, yo”.  “I’m Alright” says that this magic is real, so I better start chilling, it’s an urgent task 🙂

Any plans to release a video for the single?

We’ve recently released a simple lyric video for this song.  In the future, we may consider a more ambitious video for this, but, for now, our video efforts are focused on other songs soon to be released.

How was the recording and writing process?

As always, the writing and recording was a joy.  The song was initially conceived on a beautiful spring day in San Diego, wearing headphones and watching a Little League game.  I could feel happiness all around me and it found its’ way into the song.  The recording process was fabulous.  We bring a live vibe into our recordings by recording vocals and rhythm guitars at the same time.  For this song, we had a little audience in the studio, some great old friends visiting from Vancouver.  It inspired us to put on a great show, and I think that vibe comes through in the vocals.

Do you tend to take a different approach when you are collaborating with someone else rather than on your own?

The Weadon Boys stick to their own.  All writing, arrangement and musical direction is provided by Mark and Tim.  We have huge respect for each others’ talents, and so we never feel a need or desire to bring other elements in to the mix.  So no collaborations for now.  Of course, we have a group of talented musicians, engineers and mixers who bring their own talents to the table as well.  In fact, on “I’m Alright”, the wurlitzer keyboards were essential in establishing that sunny  vibe.  We’re lucky to have Sasha Smith to turn to for this, and we think he killed it.

How do you go on capturing your wild life style and translating into your music? Is it easy to pull off or rather the opposite?

We’ve done years of “research” into the wild lifestyle!  And we draw liberally on those experiences when creating our songs.  But we no longer live that way.  In fact, we believe that we wouldn’t be delivering great music if we were still living that way.  Above all, The  Weadon Boys’ focus is on craftsmanship.  We want every word of a song to be deeply considered and tested under fire, to achieve the right sonic appeal and meaning.  We want the musicianship to be well practiced and crisp.  We want to be obsessive about every detail of the production.  And we want the technical elements of the recording to be always at the highest professional quality.  All of this requires diligence, care and commitment, something that can’t be achieved when burning the candle at both ends.  We appreciate and fondly remember our days of sowing wild oats.  But, now, it seems, we get our highs from creating quality music.

As your music keeps gaining much popularity – does that put any pressure on you guys as you work on new material?

Yes it does!  Particularly during the writing process.  This process is full of rewrites and tweaks, practicing the song over and over again, hundreds of times if not more.  It is dominated by the ethic of “this isn’t good enough yet”.  We want every song to have unique character, to pop, and to have a reason to exist.  And we think that inspiration and magic only get us part of the way – work ethic is required to make something truly sparkle.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

We’ve got plenty of new material on the way.  In fact, we have 40 songs already mixed and mastered, ready to go!  This is because this was, in the beginning, a true passion project.  We started in studio over two years ago, having only our own creative satisfaction in mind.  There was no thought of public release. We just plowed away, making the best music we could, unlimited by budget or deadline or thoughts of mass appeal.  Eventually though, as we brought more professionalism into our process, there became a pressure to release publicly, due to the feedback we were getting from friends and family, and from the people working on our music.  After making the decision to go public, we were lucky to get some industry backing – and we have been following a deliberate release plan suggested by our distributors and management.  As we develop an audience, we plan to pick up the pace of our releases.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

We’re releasing the single “Back to the Roots” in six weeks.  Shortly after that we’ll be releasing the single “City of Angels”, for which we recently shot a cool video on the streets of LA.

What are some of the human experiences will you be diving into this record?

“Back to the Roots” is about reaching our true selves, god-like beings in human disguise.  It’s about finding this part of ourselves by getting beyond thought, through the ecstasy of dance and music.  “City of Angels” is an homage to LA and its’ beautiful ladies, and the duality that results from a life of indulging in that – “City of Angels, you bring out the devil in me”.

Any plans to hit the road?

Right now, we’re focused on studio work, videos and our release plan.  As we develop a larger audience and some real demand, we’ll be hitting the road.  We want to treat this part of our act with the same amount of care, commitment and focus – we want a highly rehearsed, high impact show that really connects with our audience.  We’ll be working very hard on that in the coming months.

What else is happening next in The Weadon Boys’ world?

We’ve got three songs in the final mixing stages, another two that are in process in the studio, and we’re always writing, with a relentless commitment to improve.  In fact, let’s end this interview so I can get back to writing “Midnight in Memphis” 🙂




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