Kids Songs – Discover the Connection Between Music and Words

Do you know that kids’ songs can boost language skills in your child? These songs have words that are often repetitive, and they teach kids new words. The more words your child learns, the more aptly he/she is able to express their feelings and emotions. Introducing your child to songs at an early age boosts their vocabulary and language skills to a large extent.

Building cognitive abilities for the child

Songs for children have the goal to build cognitive abilities for the child. The brain of your child is developing, and when he/she is exposed to nursery rhymes, the child’s memory capabilities start to grow. These songs boost reading and comprehension skills as well. The more the child sings and dances to the beats and rhythm of the song, the finer his/her motor skills will develop.

Children should listen to songs meant for their age

When it comes to music and songs for your child, ensure you choose the right type of song for him/her. Note that music does not mean songs meant for teenagers and adults. Children songs have been created in such a way to develop their mental and physical abilities. If you listen to songs for kids, you will find several words are associated with finger and body movements as well. For instance, take the song. “I’m a Little Teapot”- the lyrics of the song encourage the child to learn about how a teapot works. The song not only has enjoyable lyrics but it encourages the child to move the body as well. Likewise, the song, “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around” teaches the child to respond to the words “turn around” “touch the ground” etc.

Develop speech and intellect with enjoyable songs for children

Songs for children help them recognize and distinguish different words. Their vocabulary starts building, and these words help them to construct proper sentences. They are able to modulate their voices and learn how to speak clearly. They practice the pronunciation of words as they need to say them again and again. This helps them in being articulate. Moreover, when children are made to say and repeat words over and over again, they are free from criticism of mispronouncing the word. Practice makes them perfect.

Remembering words and lines

Children are able to remember the lines of songs as they are created in such a pattern where words are repeated. Moreover, when a child learns a new song, he/she gets the chance to exercise the muscles of the tongue. There have been surveys conducted by scientists where it has been revealed that children that have been exposed to songs for kids early in life later go on to become good readers.

In short, there is no minimum age for you to introduce your child to music and songs. Even as babies they positively respond to music. Play songs regularly and watch your child develop language, memory, intellectual and reading skills in a fun and interactive way with success!

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