Want To Put On An Engaging Show? You Should Work It Like A Rocker

In 2012, Guns N’ Roses fans walked out of their gig as they grew tired of the rockers’ three-hour long set. As a gigging musician, there’s nothing worse than seeing your audience look bored at your show, or worse, leaving. In the music industry, knowing how to engage a crowd takes more than performing a good song. It also requires attention to detail, exceptional engagement, and, most of all personality. But as it takes time to perfect these traits, it’s recommended that you get yourself to this year’s biggest rock concerts, so that you can learn from the biggest names in the business.

A seamless gig from start to finish

You’ve probably never noticed the musicians at your favorite rock concert check their set list, tune their guitars, or disappear off stage for a quick toilet break or t-shirt change. This is because rock musicians know how to do all this seamlessly without interrupting the flow of their show. If U2’s The Edge is tuning his guitar, his bandmates take center stage to ensure all eyes are on them rather than the instrument. This keeps the audience engaged at all times and ensures that the crowd doesn’t lose interest during the preparation of a performance. So, when you’re next at a rock show, take a moment to acknowledge how the act you’re seeing keeps these mini intervals seamless.

Keeping the whole room entertained

One of the biggest music shows to ever take place was Rod Stewart’s 1994 concert on Copacabana Beach. 3.5 million attended the free show to celebrate the New Year. But one thing Rod had to contend with was the fact that many of the attendees were there to see the firework display and not him. However, this didn’t stop the rocker from getting the whole crowd on their toes thanks to his charismatic charm and his trick of mixing his own songs with some classic covers. You’ll find that multiple rock stars use other artists’ songs to keep the audience on their toes, such as when The White Stripes Covered Dolly Parton’s Jolene. But only hearing and seeing such artists perform them live will teach you how to capture a room with another musician’s song.

Leave them begging for more

To ultimately become successful as a gigging musician you need to build a fan base who want to see you again and who are willing to pay to come to your gigs. You’ll notice that at every large rock gig, the artists work through their back catalog of hits until they finally reach their biggest hit. They do this as it ensures their fans are left begging for more. And, even when you haven’t got a best-selling single to your name, attending multiple rock concerts will enable you to determine what makes a track sell millions of copies. Thus, allowing you to choose the best candidate from your catalog to end your shows with.

No matter how much experience you have as a gigging musician, large scale rock concerts can teach you how to better interact and engage with a crowd. So, to ensure your next gig is the best it can be, be sure to book tickets to the latest rock gig in town.

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