How Are Tech-Savvy Millennials Shaping The Workplace?

Millennials are largely considered to be the most tech-savvy generation in today’s workplace. This group of people born between 1981 to 1997 grew up with technology. Technology continues to play a huge role in their daily lives, and they do not expect the workplace to be any different. This expectation and the overall influence of millennials has changed the way workplaces operate. The fact that millennials are the fastest growing population in the workspace only makes this truer.

The influence of millennials

So why and how have these millennials become such a big influence in the workspace? The answer is simple. Millennials are currently the most sought-after talent pool in any industry. Attracting and retaining a millennial workforce has become a major priority for many forward-thinking companies. Similarly, millennials are slowly coming of age and taking up leadership positions in society. Finally, the tech savviness of the millennials means that they expect companies and products that they interact with to be tech savvy as well. These factors have pushed business decision makers to recognize and understand the growing influence of millennials in the workplace and find strategies to attract millennials for the future good of their business.

In order to keep up with this rapidly changing landscape, employers must implement a benefits administration platform that integrates new employee on-boarding, employee management, time off, employee services, among other functions that millennial employees now consider to be their rights. It is always important to motivate your employees by giving advice and inspire them and move them toward great things – be their role models.

If you have such a system in place, you need to find a way to maximize its utility. These systems help streamline company functions, improving efficiency and saving you money. Plus, they run on the latest technologies that millennials can relate to.

Millennials are followed by technology

Millennials also constantly expect technological evolution to happen. Growing up and watching a new and improved iPhone come out every year has conditioned them to expect that technology will always advance and things will always change. When they take this mindset to the workplace, they become catalysts for change. It is not unusual for a millennial employee to recommend or even introduce a new and more efficient tech-savvy solution to an age-old problem that a company has been dealing with manually for years. Automation is the millennial way. If an app or a program can do a certain task, millennials will harness this power and make their jobs easier. This is another reason why they are so sought after in the workplace. That said, millennials are not only prone to performing tech-job related to apps or software. Take for example the locksmith profession. Even though this profession dates thousand years ago, the locksmith must always be updated with the latest technologies. This is another aspect where millennials come in. Considering their savviness with technology, they are the ones who will bring new and innovative ways to enhance the security of the entire building. Their innovative solutions help make work systems run more smoothly and efficiently, earning the company even more revenue in the process.

Because they make change happen, millennials have become the driving force behind many technological advances. One could argue that because of millennials and their need to have ever newer and fancier devices, we have been able to innovate apps and that have changed the way we work today. These technological innovations offer all of us more flexibility and faster communication and computing power.

Millennials tend to adopt quickly

Millennials are also the most adaptable generation. They quickly learn new things, and especially new technologies. Millennials know how to take advantage of the resources made available to them to sharpen old skills and to learn new ones. Ebooks, tutorial videos, and even the entire Youtube platform is a testament to how many different ways and how many new skills a person can learn within a relatively short time given the right motivation. The ability to pick up and master new technology at a rapid pace also means that millennials expect updates and software changes just as fast. Relevance is key, so they would rather have the latest product in the market or none at all.

One of the biggest issues and complaints most businesses and workplaces have when it comes to millennials concerns their problem-solving skills and practical application of technological advantages. Studies have shown that millennials can often be narrow viewed, learning to utilize technology in ways that benefit them. For example, they can use almost any device to access and carry out a wide range of activities on social media platforms. However, these skills may be limited. Research has shown that many millennials cannot perform most productivity related tasks such as sending an email containing data collected from a spreadsheet.

Similarly, social media can be a hindrance in the office. Most employers believe that employees who use social media during work hours are less productive than those who do not. Ironically, employees who use social media during work hours agree.

Their adaptability can make employing millennials a huge asset to the work environment of any business. Although their constant exposure to technology and their high expectations can often have many drawbacks, they are a generation that is willing to learn new things and can take on new challenges as they present themselves. It’s all part of being a millennial.

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