Use Nearshore software development to get out of the cultural predicament of Nearshoring

Everyone a part of the IT industry is well aware of what Nearshore, offshore and onshore is all about. However, there is a change in interpretations of these terms depending on the location of your company. Offshore for one company can be Nearshore for another and vice versa.

One thing remains constant in every situation, and that is the need for software development companies ( for businesses. We will now elaborate on the cultural Nearshore development outsourcing.

Why is the Nearshore software development needed?

Isn’t it frustrating to be stuck in traffic for a long time as you watch seven lanes merge into one? You are forced to remain at a place as vital tasks are waiting for you.

So how is Nearshore software development connected to this?

The IT industry of the US is witnessing something similar currently. The rapid rise of demand to acquire services of software developers is not very different from the cars that in those seven lanes who wanted to reach to their destination in an instant but found themselves stuck in the traffic.

Why is it so? It’s quite simple really. It is nearly impossible to find a development team with profound experience in the US because while the demand is quite high, the supply is low. Thus, onshore software development teams are out of reach.

You might have found yourself facing a dead-end if the options of offshore and Nearshore were not available.

Nearshore outsourcing

It is the software development companies from nearby companies that constitute Nearshore outsourcing. Theoretically, this makes it easier for the businesses to control the projects in a better manner since the languages are likely to be more or less the same and there is hardly any difference in culture and time zones.

US companies have two main options when it comes to Nearshore outsourcing, Mexico and Canada.

Offshore outsourcing

When we talk about offshore outsourcing, it refers to dealing with software development companies from countries with different languages, culture and time zones.

Any country can be counted as offshore depending on the company that needs software developers, including Ukraine, Pakistan, New Zealand, and China among others.

Give importance to cultural differences while outsourcing

It is usually competence and cost that businesses give priority to.

However, it is essential to pay heed to cultural differences. This is crucial because some cultural markers prevent companies from working together in a healthy and productive environment. Cultural ignorance can lead to the failure of a project. Therefore, it is pivotal to give attention to cultural differences and similarities when working together.

One might end up feeling frustrated when he is unable to understand the culture of the person he is working with.

The cultural markers

So what are these cultural markers?

  • Collectivism vs. Individualism

  • Cooperation vs. Competitiveness

  • Long term vs. Short term

  • High power vs. Low power distance

  • High uncertainty vs. Low uncertainty avoidance

  • High vs. Low Context

What should be done?

The most convenient option would be to select a Nearshoring company ( whose values and culture are similar to yours. The problem is that the majority of these Nearshore companies are expensive except Ukraine where the software developers are more inclined to individualism.

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