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– Hi Ari, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

hello! i’ve never been better.

– Can you talk to us more about your latest video “Rollerblades”?

i’m always down to talk about rollerblades. i wanted to showcase different modes of transportation in the video…skateboards, unicycles, cars, and helicopters. all great ways to get from A to B – but nothing quite has the style of a nice pair of blades.

– Did any event in particular inspire you to write “Rollerblades”?

the song’s lyrics recount the events of a wild weekend last summer, during perfect blading weather. we were cruising around philly on our inlines and got into some hyjinx. monday morning i knew i had the makings of a new jam.

– How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

it was pretty cold outside (we filmed in December), so skating around shirtless was interesting. i also think my skating skills improved during the course of the shoot. when we started, i was like Luis Mendoza in Mighty Ducks 2 – i had no idea how to brake. by the time we wrapped, i was ready for the pros.

– The single comes off your new EP Mysteries of the Heart – what’s the story behind the title?

i used to be a coldly rational guy. my ex-girlfriend told me, as she was breaking up with me, that i’d never understand the “mysteries of the heart.” now that i’ve abandoned logic and lead a life based purely in emotion, i think i’m starting to grasp some of those secrets. recording this album helped me to delve deeper than i had ever before.

– The EP works as a prequel and sequel to a trilogy – is each installment somewhat connected, or are they pretty standalone records?

the first EP reflected on the end of a relationship. this one recounts the adventures that came afterwards. the last EP tracks my ascent into outer space.

– How did you come up with the idea for the trilogy?

deep in meditation…it appeared to me in a vision.

– How was the recording and writing process? Did you get to record the EPs back-to-back?

i was actually working on all 3 simultaneously. constantly flowing between 3 distinct emotional flavors helped keep everything fresh.

– How did your vow of silence and meditation in the forest environment influence the music on this EP?

during my time of reflection, i came to a heightened awareness of a crucial fact – i’m never in control of the thoughts that i experience. all i can do is allow them to take shape, acknowledge them, and let them go.

i took the same approach with writing lyrics. i trusted that whatever came out in the preliminary writing stages was occurring for a reason. rather than judge those words, i just rolled with ‘em and wrote lyrics around those initial nonsense phrases.

– What role does Philadelphia play in your music?

philly is my favorite city. i lived in NYC off and on for 7 years, but i always felt the call to return to the place of my birth. basically, philly is where i feel comfortable creating.

– How do you balance both the modern and classic influences of yours?


– Any plans to hit the road?

yes indeed. this summer we’ll be expanding into NYC, Baltimore, and D.C., much like an uncontrollable algae bloom in a local pond. eventually, the whole surface of the water is covered in green slime.

– What else is happening next in MINKA’s world?

we’re hard at work playing a million birthday parties this spring. it’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it.






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