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It is no secret that over the past few months, musician Chase Bell has enjoyed residency on our weekend playlists —  a whirlwindindie pop lovefest that continues because it truly Feels Good To Be Bad.

Chase wasted no time before he memorably confessed, The Devil Made Me Do It — of course, as we all know, the award-winning musician does know how to Party Like A Rockstar. As his latest musical offering, Spend The Weekend is added to rotation, we wasted no time in finding out from the Music God himself — the top five ways that he prefers to Spend The Weekend.

In Miami 

The song Spend The Weekend was influenced by a recent trip to Miami where I got to hang out in massive mansions with some talented artists. I was daydreaming while walking along the private docks watching the jet ski’s kinda move side by side in the water and thought this would be a great place to spend time with someone special. We could just sit here in this perfect weather like two jet ski’s ready to take off but so comfortable that we don’t need to go anywhere or do anything.

In The Middle of Nowhere 

There is a place I went while in Norway, near Lofoten, this place is really the middle of nowhere, it takes a whole weekendjust to arrive there. The place is so spacious and beautiful it reminds you that your life and perception of the world is tiny in comparison to the universe. When you go to the top of the hills you can see clearly mountain range after mountain range and islands with towering mountains on them into the distance. I feel like I need a weekend like this all to myself in order to calm my own waters and recollect my true desires, just in case I loose touch with what they are.

At Work 

Many weeks will go by where the weekend comes and I am not at all ready to party, I still feel like the creative juices of songwriting and producing music need to come out of me. When that happens I really love it and revel in the fact that I want to go the extra mile while most people have decided its time to rest. The best Monday is when I feel like I already got a head start on the week because I had been creating over the entire weekend. I know I can’t do this every weekendand that rest is really important for long term health.

With People Who Matter 

Spend The Weekend was written at a time when I was being asked to go to what I thought were the coolest parties. After a few weekends of those kinds of parties I really needed a connection with people I knew and loved on a deeper level than the ‘let’s have fun’ level. The people we spend time with and share our deeper moments with are the most important people in our lives and choosing the right people to allow into our lives at this deeper connected level is crucial. We all have those friends or family that we know we could easily spend a weekend with and just enjoy ourselves with.

This song is about wanting that kind of deeper connection from someone you don’t quite know that well yet.

With My Guitar

The guitar was my first love, and when other loves fall apart this love always stayed true. I dedicated so many weekends to this relationship and I know I will spend many more weekends getting to know what the guitar is, how it allows me to portray my emotions and why I love it so much. I used to play guitar so much that my hands would hurt immensely, not from the steel strings (I got past that) but from the constant movement and trying to understand the infinite structure of chords and scales known to humanity. Locked in a comfortable house overlooking a mountain and a forest, with some coffee and a fire place is a perfect place to spend the weekend, as long as a guitar is there.

Chase Bell - Spend The Weekend (Live Harvelles Dec 2018)


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