Here Are 5 Unwritten Rules About Sexy Yoga Pants

Sexy yoga pants have become so popular in the modern fashion world. More and more yogis are wearing these pants, and it looks like the sexy yoga pants are promoting yoga more than any other element of the practice itself. It could be the pictures of celebs wearing super tight yoga pants while holding three Gucci bags in one hand and a luxurious phone on in the other hand. Or, maybe it is numerous amount of blogs talking about the yoga with many pictures of girls sporting tight yoga pants and its now your turn to flaunt those toned glute muscles from your stepper workout.

Either way, you choose to rock yoga pants; it is no doubt they occupy a significant part of our daily life. This justifies why it is essential to understand what is right and what is not when it comes to sporting your favourite pair of them. But, let’s be true to ourselves. Just because you saw them looking attractive on Miranda Kerr when she wore them in public, doesn’t mean you should also do the same with such casual confidence. Well, this might not go well for most ladies, but the truth is that, just like with any other modern fashion, some unwritten rules apply to sexy yoga pants( either outside or inside the ashram). Let’s take a gander at them, are you ready?

Rule#1- The Transparency and Holes.

This is the first thing you have to be concerned about. Before you step out of your room wearing your yoga pants, check whether it is a see-through. Ensure that people cannot see your underwear (if wearing any) since it looks terrifying and can bring discouragements to you if people can point out the patterns of a teddy bear on your underclothes.

If you choose to sport white sexy yoga pants, ensure that your undies are of different colour. Another thing you have to make sure when buying and wearing yoga pants is that they don’t have holes, especially in the crotch part. This is particularly crucial if you are wearing black yoga pants and your undies (if wearing it) is not.

Rule #2- Wear a Thong or Nothing At All

If you are the kind of a lady who likes sporting tight sexy yoga pants outside your home or ashram, then you should adhere to this rule strictly. It is an unwritten rule, but most women never violate it. Kudos! Despite that, we have to mention it for the new yogis out there. Imagine wearing yoga pants with those grandma’s undies…it does look quite appealing.

Therefore, when you are going outdoors wearing tight yoga pants, you should put on a thong. Alternatively, if a thong is not your thing, you can decide to go commando as well.

Rule #3 No Muffin Tops.

You don’t want to wear sexy yoga pants that are too tight. If you find out that your waist is bigger than the waistband, you will opt for a muffin top that genuinely doesn’t give your body a good shape.You should make sure you choose yoga pants that fit well on your waist. Many beautiful yoga pants come with a broad waistband which you will find so effective in preventing this common problem.

Rule #4-Ensure Breathability Of Your Tight Yoga Pants.

Unfortunately, there are so many fashion oriented manufacturers out there who are selling yoga pants made of poor materials. You will find that these materials give little or no air for your skin to breath. So when you go for shopping for your sexy yoga pants, ensure that you don’t fall the victim of such un-ventilated plastic pants since they are not suitable for your skin and will make you sweat profusely after doing nothing!

Rule # 5-Guys Should Stay Away From Wearing Yoga Pants.

It is as simple as that. Guys should not sport yoga pants unless they are practicing to be ballet dancers or they are already.

To Round up Everything.

With the increasing number of yoga practitioners in cities, specifically ladies aged between 15-45 years, yoga pants are no longer restrained within the ashrams; they are now worn outdoors. And because most styles of yoga need body-fitting and stretchy pants, tight yoga pants are ideal. These tight yoga pants are no longer sported by only yogis anymore.

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