PREMIERE: TC Superstar Release “Dana Be Mine”

Austin, Texas eight piece TC Superstar, labeling themselves as synthwave dance pop, is poised to make an enormous impact on the indie music scene thanks to their vibrant new single “Dana Be Mine”. Superstar culls their sound straight out of the 1980’s with an undeniably European flavor. The terse staccato guitar and driving beat opening the song is balanced against a multi-tracked melodic vocal cutting through the mix with clear color. The band may seem and sound like an improbable act coming out of the Austin scene, but the Texas music hub has long since distanced itself from being solely a home for burgeoning singer/songwriters and Americana acts. TC Superstar is producing work resonating with intelligence and intense musicality obeying no specific demographic and observing no borders.

The song’s tight construction assures listeners from the first there will be no wasted energy or motion in the band’s attempt to provide their audience with an entertaining listening experience. The segues from verse to chorus and then back again are expertly handled without ever calling too much attention to themselves and there are clear components within the song more than satisfying for any experienced music listener – “Dana Be Mine” follows all the classical unities making any song memorable, a definable opening, middle, and conclusion, rather than coming off as the aural equivalent of throwing things against a figurative wall in hopes something sticks for the audience. “Dana Be Mine” more than fits the bill – it accomplishes much in a relatively condensed time frame.

The production captures the song’s spirit and frames it well. TC Superstar has a guitar sound with warmth and sharp definition alike and the drums, despite the band’s reliance on electronic instrumentation, has a strong live analog snap rather than the sterile beat we’d ordinarily associate with this type of music. The synthesizer lines, likewise, avoid the clichéd pitfalls of electronic music – they are rife with color without ever landing in an ostentatious way and are well integrated with the band’s musical identity.

The lyrical content doesn’t look to remake the wheel and doesn’t need to. It’s straight forward writing, articulate and clear cut, serving the song rather than risking any sort of self indulgence. The song and lyric alike, despite their modern gloss, are cut from rather traditional cloth in important respects – we’ve heard this kind of song before, to be sure, but TC Superstar delivers this track with their own language and a singular sense of style. There are common reference points with musical traditions, but TC Superstar are forging their own path rather than relying on skillful mimicry.

Taken from the band’s forthcoming release, due in May, entitled R&D, TC Superstar possesses the talent and marketability to reach far beyond the Austin scene and indie music world. Quantifiable success in the music industry is more of a crap shoot than ever before, but talent is still pivotal and this unique Texas based eight piece act has enough artistry that we should be hearing a lot from them in the coming years.

by Bethany Page

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