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Poorxcuse releases “Miss You Babe”

Rock, metal and blues enthusiasts would be wise to inquire about the groove-laden sound of “Miss You Babe,” from the highly-regarded Melbourne crew Poorxcuse, as it throttles listeners with more adrenaline than almost any other song out this season will without devolving into primal chest-pounding nonsense. That said, the track’s magnetizing carnal energy isn’t softened by the relaxed beat of the drums, and though it’s finished in a glistening, radio-friendly mix that will likely appeal just as much too casual rock fans as it will more devoted aficionados, it’s the antithesis of jaded heavy music that lacks any resemblance to the work of iconic forerunners who created the genre decades ago.

There’s a light jazzy twist in the tempo as we shift between the verses, and despite the erratic swing, it doesn’t disrupt the fluidity of the song at all. To say that there are a lot of understated textures present in “Miss You Babe” wouldn’t be doing the calculated arrangement in play here justice; the structure of the track is simple and as black and white as the music video for the song is, but the execution of the material doesn’t rob us of any substance within the tonality of the instruments at all whatsoever.

I think that this single would make for a killer live song in any given performance by Poorxcuse, and the band has said that it’s become one of their very favorites to play on stage. It’s got such a versatile framework that it could be extended into a Hendrix-style jam without ever feeling overindulgent or bloated. The bass and drums provide a really stable canvas atop which the guitars paint with melancholic grooves, and though the solo isn’t as virtuosic as what I was initially expecting to find, it fits into the big picture here elegantly, and ultimately keeps us glued to our speakers just as well as a more surreal, protracted lead would have.

BANDCAMP: https://poorxcuse.bandcamp.com/track/miss-you-babe

The pace of “Miss You Babe” is taken straight out of the Delta Blues playbook, but Poorxcuse didn’t draw inspiration from the soundtrack of the American South exclusively in this song. There’s a countrified grit in the vocal that contributes a homespun, pastoral quality to the lyrics that wouldn’t be here otherwise, and while the bass is rooted in rollicking rock grooves, it’s vivacious textures don’t allow for it to sound predictable or even remotely insignificant in the compositional breakdown of the music. Poorxcuse take their craft very seriously, and if that wasn’t made perfectly clear before, it’s certainly reiterated with brevity in this track.

If this latest single is a fair characterization of what we can expect out of Poorxcuse’s studio work as they move beyond Cut Fingers Blues and into the next chapter of their storied career, then you’d better believe that this won’t be the last time that their music is making headlines around the world. There’s not a lot of raw, unpretentious rock left to celebrate these days, but this band doesn’t appear to be even the least bit concerned with what modern trends are dictating to their more commercialized competitors. They’re going to keep puritan rock n’ roll alive in the 2010’s and, at the rate they’re going now, the 2020’s as well.

by John McCall

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