The Different Kinds of Women You’ll Always Find at a Concert

During the warmer months, more and more people tend to flock to concerts to listen to some great music and let go of some of their inhibitions as they are lost in the music. That being said, no matter what kind of musical outing you’re going to or what sort of genre of music is being played, some similar people appear. We’re going to look at the different kinds of women that you’ll always find at a concert so that you can be aware of the spectacle and how it affects you.

The Overly Aggressive Woman

Are you at a rock concert or in the thick of the mosh pit? Whether you are listening to rap, metal, or even folk, the chances are good that you’re running into the aggressive woman. She wants to start a fight, get out some of her anger, and have her favorite song playing in the background like it’s her personal theme. Watch out for the girls wearing nothing but beaters in a mosh pit and stay away from someone that seems like they are willing to fight. It’s not worth getting roughly handled by security and losing your spot.

The Delightfully Thick and Surprisingly Graceful

Not all big girls were born big, so you can always expect to see a woman dancing, running, or otherwise expressing herself with grace that doesn’t look like it would come out of her. A woman that’s taller and thicker than your football coach dancing up front or out in the grass seats is not a rare phenomenon at all. No matter what, the chances are that you are going to walk away with a new desire for BBW dating after witnessing this amazing act.

The One That Knows Every Single Word to Every Song

You might have a pretty good idea of what is being said in “Master of Puppets”, but you might not know “Break Ya Neck”. This woman knows every single word to every single song and she’s screaming them at the top of her lungs. These true fans hone their lyrical knowledge on every commute and boring night at home. She may be standing next to our next member of the list.

The Drunkard

There’s not a lot to say here. People love to go to concerts and imbibe and a lot of people take it too far. The best case scenario is that she is a loving drunk who will loudly sing the song lyrics along with you and everyone else in the crowd. The worst case is that she will start shouting, arguing with her friends, and being belligerent.

The One That’s in Love

The final member of our list is very interesting because she’s not there for the music per se, she’s there to spend time with her date. She’s going to be looking lovingly in his eyes and singing the lyrics, especially at a country music concert. This one is kind of neutral because she’s not really bothering you directly, but it might make you want to gag if they start making out next to you.

As you can see, there are a lot of interesting kinds of women that go to concerts, but these types always make an appearance. While some of them are more harmless than others, the fact is that they are all fun to watch, chat with, or get to know for the most part. Concerts are a community, albeit a short-lived one, so this should help you know what to expect so you can find the right crowd that you want to be in.

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