Music and Romance – What’s The Connection

Many people find that they have a lot of compatibility with their dates. They like the same movies, go to the same university, and so on. Yet, they find that their musical tastes could not be more different. He’s thrashing out to old school metal and she’s bumping heavy hip hop. How’s that going to factor into the relationship? We’re going to examine how music and romance are intertwined, giving you a basic idea of what you can expect if you like different music.

More Singles Prefer Someone That Likes Their Music

Recent studies have found that people who could find an idea match preferred that their partner enjoyed the same kind of music as them more than a whole host of other factors. That includes movies, sports, and even books. In other words, liking the same music as a person is seen as a huge plus for when you are trying to score a date. Additionally, younger people in particular tied their identity to music, with upwards of three quarters of people believing that music was integral to their life.

That Doesn’t Mean Your Date Won’t Like You If That’s Not the Case

If you find out that you and your partner don’t like the same music, it doesn’t necessarily hurt your chances. According to research, people that like the same kind of music as their date have a better chance of communicating their likes and dislikes without having to go into details. If you both like sappy Adele songs, that says something about you. Sure, you might tell your date that you like the music only, but if the lyrics speak to you it says that you are a kind of lovelorn individual. The same thing applies to people who listen to aggressive music like metal. It’s not that you’re violent, it’s that you enjoy the themes of the music like individuality and flouting some rules.

Where Does This Leave You For Dating?

Basically, it’s important to think of your musical preferences almost like questions on the SATs or other tests. You only get points for the questions that you answer. If the two of you can find common ground in your musical preferences, then it gives you both a certain understanding about each other. Moreover, it provides a foundation of shared interests that the two of you can explore, and that will lead to you opening up to one another. When two people that are dating enjoy the same music, you get a perk that makes it easier to relate to your date. Yet, if you like rock and she likes opera, you might still get along, but you just don’t get that benefit of commonality with one another.

According to the experts, even if you hate the other person’s musical taste, that doesn’t mean the rest of the relationship is worth abandoning. While music is an important part of many people’s lives, it’s something that is to be shared. Use it as a talking point or to expand their musical knowledge so that maybe you will find common ground!

Whether you found your date in class or on the best internet dating website, the chances are that there are going to be some differences. If music happens to be one of them, then all is not lost. While music can be used as a way to unite two people, it’s not likely to be the last straw that ends a relationship. With that in mind, go forth and find people that are into the same things as you or try something different- science says you can’t lose!

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