Sandy Chin: How Mentorship Can Drive Young People to Success

As a successful investment management professional in New York City, Sandy Chin has known and experienced what success is. With over two decades of experience in the field, Ms. Chin applied everything she learned at the New York University’s Stern School of Business and her strong set of values in order to achieve everything that she has today.

She is now a successful portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital, a hedge fund she launched just well over three years ago with the assistance of William Leach, who she credits as her mentor. Ms. Chin herself is a mentor in the world of finance and is a key figure at StreetSquash, a nonprofit group that supports schools, families, and children in Newark and Harlem.

Sandy Chin recently revealed in an interview how she managed to be successful in a field full of competition. She said that young people who want to establish a solid and stable career should learn to be bold and “ask for more” – more knowledge, more opportunities, and more visibility.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused especially if one doesn’t have a figure to look up to. According to Ms. Chin, it’s important to have a mentor in this very competitive landscape since it can be difficult to find answers if you are a budding young professional. This is how she started and she wants more young people to realize how important this is. Mentors do not only teach, but they can also help you make the right connections, establish contacts, and build a name for yourself.

As to why mentorship is essential, here are the reasons we can all learn from according to Ms. Chin.

Mentors are your source for life and work lessons.

It was in the late 1990s when Ms. Chin first met her mentor, William Leach. At the time, he asked her to join his team of investment analysts at Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette, where she learned two important lessons: first is to always ask questions and second, to never say no to any meeting.

Young professionals trying to establish a career in the fast-paced and highly dynamic world of finance can easily get lost. But with a good mentor, they can find a source of motivation and gain advice and insight from a person who already has more than enough experience in the field. A mentor can help them step up their careers.

Mentors can impart knowledge and experience to help master your field.

Having a mentor means you get to gain knowledge and skills in order to collect experience that can help you advance your career. Sandy Chin had the incredible chance of having a mentor who asked her to attend conferences and meetings with him, and all these helped her acquire skills and the chance to talk to like-minded people. Ms. Chin’s mentor is a seasoned investor and his set of skills helped him determine which stocks are best to invest in. His mentorship allowed Ms. Chin to acquire this skill set in order to have the right understanding of what makes a good investor.

Mentors pave the way to new business opportunities

In the world of finance and investment, it’s not always about what you know. Sometimes, it’s who you know that can lead the way up. You may have the best skills and ideas, but if you don’t make the right connections, those ideas won’t happen. A mentor can help expand the list of people you know to gain footing in your field of choice.

Mentorship serves as the key to get to know the important people in the industry and help you connect with them. This is one strategy in order to secure a position. If you want to advance your career, never underestimate the power of networking. Always mingle and seek advice from senior professionals. They are a valuable source of knowledge and make it possible to materialize all your goals.

Mentors will answer your questions.

Young people seeking to have a place in their chosen field will always have questions. Being inquisitive is a good trait, but you will only have the right answers if you have a good mentor who will guide you on the right path. A mentor will also help you come up with the right questions to ask and provide the right answers relevant to your current situation.

According to Sandy Chin, questions are always welcome. In fact, she highly encourages it. Questions will enable young people to develop relationships with the right people and on a personal level. Business relationships will give insights as to how the most successful people in the filed use their resources, achieve their earnings, how they view other investors, and how they generally run their lives with balance.

Relationships must be built when young so you can foster them and allow these relationships to thrive as you grow older in the field.

Mentors can help you steer clear of mistakes.

Perhaps the most important reason why young people need mentorship is to be able to avoid the mistakes that their mentors have made in the past. Mistakes are okay and help you learn, but if you have the right people to guide you, these mistakes can be avoided in order for your path to be clearer and bring you closer to your goals.

The experience of your mentors has helped them gain insights and wisdom which newcomers can use to come up with new ways in which old methods can be replaced or improved with new ones. Newbies may not always have new ideas, but old ideas can be transformed into something that’s more applicable in modern times.

Sandy Chin was once a newbie and having a mentor enabled her to see the bigger picture. Yes, short term goals are easier to achieve, but favor long term goals wherein you can gain a lifetime of stability. You can only achieve this with the help of a good mentor, who will turn your ambitions into reality.

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