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We have to ask… band name must be a play on words? Jack Daniels Straight Shot?

“Straight shot” is a term for a person who’s honest and forthright. No Jack Daniels here!

Congratulations on this project ‘The Great Divide’. We’d love to hear more about the development side of the album and the progress of recording and producing the album. Please delve into the genesis for ‘The Great Divide’.

Our frontman Jim had the idea for the album and song “The Great Divide” and we all jumped in and went with it. “All this hate will never repair” is my favorite line in the song, as it points to our current political situation. And that goes for both sides of the story.

As this project came together what were some key elements in its development that surprised you? 

Usually whatever shows up at lunch time! What did I order again?

JD & The Straight Shot is compromised of really phenomenal talent, plus all of you are also great friends? Tell us about your friendship and how that effects the songwriting and recording process.

The friendship is key. We can be honest about our ideas and thoughts on songs, arrangements and what direction to take a recording. Mutual respect needs to be present for that to work. 

Can you share some stories between and possible adventures in music and life that you have bound you steadfastly and brought you to the creating of ‘The Great Divide’?

By being in the music business, you’re already going through so many ups and downs together that it can make the bond stronger or tear a band apart. 

On the brighter side, we have a good time on the road together and we try and do a band hang on nights that we’re off, and we love that!

The industry of Americana is growing and a return to a passion for music roots is flourishing across our great land. How has the storytelling of life-to-song developed for the band over the years?

Our main storyteller and lyricist is Jim, and he sings and writes directly about his experiences. The ups and downs of life, having a family, love won, love lost…the whole thing. And, the stories have gotten better as the amount of songs grows. You live, you learn.

The Great Divide” was just released on March 15th and JD & The Straight Shot was featured on SiriusXM’s The Coffee House channel to celebrate the release. What is next for the band? What can we expect in terms of touring and support of this yarn-spinning masterpiece of music and incredible musicianship?

Hopefully tons of shows! We can’t wait to get out on the road and play this music for you all.

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