INTERVIEW: Mark Ambuter

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Love Is Everywhere”?

 MA(Mark Ambuter) It’s a one off really not a typical release at all really… on the other hand it has so much of my sound in it… it couldn’t be by anyone else… it is a very repetitive march or anthem basically thats really very simple yet very catchy in both melody and music. I’ve always considered it a campfire song as a matter of fact it’s probably my most popular song amongst my friends… if we were out at the beach for a get together… it’s the only song everyone would want to hear of mine and I’m great with that. I wasn’t sure how it would be received as a single however after hearing Stuart Epps production my hesitation was put to rest.

I told Stuart When we decided to record it that he had to keep the driving rhythm of the demo, that without it, it would be so koombyeya so corny it wouldn’t work it had to have that drive.

Stuart actually recorded the final song right on top of my demo using my acoustic guitar and my original vocal and drum box from my demo onto the final song… Stuart and his lovely wife did the backing vocals and I sang a few parts with my original vocal still leading the song.

The lyrics are very upbeat and they have a simple message  and that message is no matter how much life beats you up….. for feel by life take another look and you might see that there someone who believes in you and is ready to point you in a clear direction out of the fog. It’s crazy how well it’s  being received, the reviews have been phenomenal… it’s really catching on and where they play it, it’s been the Most Requested Song for weeks on radio. I have to say I’m extremely pleased with the very positive response from everybody. Prior to  the  Release I just wasn’t sure if my fans would get it. It’s definitely more about the words than the music…

One devoted fan after he heard it actually wrote me an angry letter… because he felt I had abandoned my more Rock and Roll edge for a sing-Along Recording style…

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

MA This song does go back to a Christmas Day some years ago… when the woman I was living with for 14 years came home on Xmas Eve from a night out with friends to tell me she met someone and she was leaving me… after she left with her things I sat down and wrote and recorded this song… it originally came from a great deal of pain.

What started as a Xmas heartbreak song… morphed Into a song about all the love and support that surrounds us everyday.

 There’s one line in the song that refers to Xmas it’s the line “Today is the Almighty Birthday Of All Love, love is Everywhere…

Any plans to release a video for the single?

MA I would love to… I don’t have the means to do it on my own however if someone would like to get together with me and lay out the blueprint for the video… I’d be thrilled… the video would have to be about the triumph of the human spirit and how that spirit keeps going through the worst of times.

How was the recording and writing process?

The writing process was quick maybe 10 minutes… And honestly Stuart being the musical genius that he is came up with the overall feel for the song using sitar’s and flutes and that old school Beatlesk sound to drive it home…

What was it like to work with Stuart Epps and how did that relationship develop?

It was pure serendipity… Mark Ambuter with  Stuart Epps at the helm… you would never believe… however this is exactly how it happened… when I decided to give my music another chance “I had suddenly lost the love of my life I was a lonely widower just prior to coming on to the website… I signed up on ReverbNation and started posting my songs on the site within a few weeks my songs were in the top 10… it’s what I needed so badly was direction, I desperately needed to find myself a reason to keep going… my music was just that… a reminder that I had a talent something that brought a lot of people joy… long story short… I didn’t know who Stuart was at first I just heard there was a contest and one winner would get a chance to have Stuart Produce a single for them… if he Chose them… So I entered the contest the next day I get a message through FB that Stuart had written me a message… it read you did not win the contest on ReverbNation however If you would like me to produce your music… I’m available… he had listened to my songs and told me he had not heard such well written pop songs since the 1960s and 1970’s and if I was interested he would love to produce my songs for me.

The rest is history Stuart BTW records the music in London England and I record the vocals just outside Los Angeles California, when I’ve added my voice to the track… Stuart Records the Backing vocals and he masters it and sends it back to me and I release it through DistroKid to the world.

How much did he get to influence the song?

I gave him free reign on most of my songs and I’m thrilled with the outcome…

The only song I dictated to him how it has to feel is on “Love is Everywhere” I didn’t want it to be wimpy and corny…

Do you tend to take a different approach when you are collaborating with someone else rather than on your own? 

MA I love collaborating with other artists  it’s one of my favorite ways to go into the studio… However I’ve discovered a great quality to my songs when I’m not fighting to be heard in a position on an album… Stuart has shone a light on my ability to write a great pop song and I’ve never been happier or more at ease than the way I’ve felt while recording these new songs with Stuart, he knows exactly where the song should go and the way it should be produced.

Back in the 90’s I made an album with The Clint’s “No Place Like Home” that got me 5 #1 songs on the radio worldwide,  due to the fact that I worked well with other’s… However, I would never have realized a dream of recording and releasing my Newest Love of music classic pop songs Ala the British Invasion were it not for Stuart Epps.

How do you go on balancing the darkness themes with the much brighter ones?

I don’t think I ever look at it that way… to me their all kinda dark… due to the fact that there’s been so much darkness in my life in recent years… you know I just don’t dwell on the negative… if I can help it… I’ve had enough of it and I want to live in the bright Light and see all the Love that’s all around me… sounds like a great title for a song… I’m a happy guy today and I’m grateful that I made it… most people would have caved but I’m so glad I turned to my music as a way to find myself again.

How does music serves as some way of therapy? 

MA My Music was a reminder when everything went upside down what a right-side up world looked and sounded like… Music was always my great equalizer… it allowed me to Find myself again to remember what I was good at and it helped me to find myself in a strange world… in the end it was my music that got lost and I who had the job of finding it again it’s when I found it I found myself again…

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material ?

Yes there’s 5 NEW Songs in the can so far with Stuart Epps producing “You Make Everything Alright” “Get Out While You Can” “Where The Red Lights Flash” “When It’s Right Now With You and The World”.

 Any plans to hit the road?

 Always… it’s the part I’m most excited about… No band to hide behind all the songs are mine this time and so it’s sink or swim… the only thing is I have no backing band… on the new recordings Stuart played everything along with me and Jonny Marter played the drums. It would have to be organized to do a tour… you know… I have no idea if anyone will show up or not… even with some Radio hits it’s hard to say if anyone wants to see me live… I’m not that young and beautiful anymore… ok I was never Beautiful but I was definitely young…

What else is happening next in Mark Ambuter’s world?

MA Good question… hope to be through with the rain and snow so I can breathe again… this interview was delayed because my house flooded and I had to move out for a week till the water went down… I need some sun and some time alone with the new love of my life… I’ve found someone new and I’ve got great hopes that we will live happily ever after… so let’s get on with that… along with a bunch of new songs… I will accept what-ever the universe has in store for me… like I have a choice.

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