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Getting Started on YouTube: Tips for Making Your First Video

You’ve been creating videos ever since you could remember. Every opportunity you get to go out with friends you turn it into a montage video of your adventure.

It wasn’t until your friends and family told you to make videos for a living that you actually considered it. And after doing your research, you’ve learned that YouTubers earn between $3 to $5 per 1,000 views. Not a bad start for a side income, right?

However, you don’t know anything about getting started on YouTube. Rather than seem like an amateur, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look below at some of our best tips for making your YouTube debut!

Find a Niche

What are you passionate about? What can you talk about for hours on end?

Answering these questions are the key to finding your niche. Having a niche will help put your videos on the map. If you post a smorgasbord of random topics, you’ll never be able to nail down your audience.

Instead, take a look at these popular categories on YouTube to help you with your decision:

Make sure that whatever niche you pick, you stick with it. This will ensure consistency across all your videos.

Create Your Recording Space

For this tip, pick an area in your house or apartment that has the most light. Think of natural light as your new best friend. Using artificial light will wash you out or put a harsh glow on your surroundings.

As for the rest of your space, declutter it as much as possible. You don’t want viewers distracted by the piles of papers still sitting on your desk.

As for the equipment you’ll need the following:

  • A good camera (think DSLR or GoPro)

  • Tripod

  • Microphone

  • Background music for videos

  • Headphones

  • Recorder

  • Lighting panels

  • SD card (for extra video storage)

If you don’t have all this stuff already, don’t worry. Work with what you have then as you start earning money, put that towards upgrading equipment.

Post Consistently

You can’t expect viewers to flock to the first video you posted. It takes time and dedication to build a following.

In order to do that, start by posting consistently. This way, viewers can expect something new from you each day. Once they see how active you are, they’ll subscribe.

Starting out, it’ll seem like you’re talking to no one. But don’t let that discourage you. Keep posting and keep working to get your name out there.

The only way you’ll fail is if you stop posting videos.

So you’ll stay on track, create a schedule. Aim to post at least every day and then as you gain traction, up that to two times a day.

Learn to Edit

Don’t bore viewers by posting extremely long videos. Editing will help cut down on scenes that aren’t necessary and can fix any lighting issues.

That said, you’ll want to find an editing program for videos. As a beginner, you’ll want to stick to programs that aren’t for the advanced.

You don’t want to frustrate yourself trying to learn a complicated program. Not only that but you don’t want to risk ruining your video.

Optimize Your Videos

In order to found by viewers, your videos need to be optimized for SEO. If you skip this very important step, your videos won’t get found.

Here’s how you can optimize your videos:

Include Keywords

Since YouTube is owned by Google, it only makes sense for them to incorporate some kind of algorithm for getting found on the platform. The best place to start is with keywords.

Pick ones that are relevant for your niche. You can use Google Keyword Planner to help you search for the best-ranking keywords.

Don’t Skip the Description

Even if you’re not a writer, don’t skip the description. This is the best place to insert your keywords to get found. Not only that but you can include some affiliate links to supply extra income.

Write an Engaging Title

Viewers are going to watch the videos with the most engaging titles. You want them to be intrigued by what the video’s all about.

Be sure to keep your titles short and sweet. Also, use correct grammar and punctuation so viewers can easily read your title.

Utilize Tags

Tags are another great way to incorporate keywords. Along with that, use them to describe your video. These words will help viewers discover your videos.

Market Yourself

In order to get your name out there, you need to market your videos. Get on social media and get to know your fellow YouTubers.

Share your videos on every social media platform you’re on. Even if you don’t have a huge following, still post them. It’s all about making people aware of your videos.

As for other YouTubers, you can ask them to share your videos on their social media pages. Or, if you’re shy, simply ask them for advice. Most of the time, veteran YouTubers will be more than willing to help out the newbies.

Getting Started on YouTube the Right Way

You’re ready to share your craft with the world. After years of just sharing your videos with friends and family, you’re ready for the big leagues that is YouTube.

Getting started on YouTube the right way requires a lot of dedication. You can’t just post a video and vanish. From there, it’s all about editing and marketing yourself to get your name out there.

Looking for more YouTube tips? Check out our article on how to edit your music like a pro!

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