One of the most effective methods of teaching kids is Play. In particular, autistic kids learn better when taught through thorough play.

Generally, autistic kids have difficulties in communication, understanding social cues, as well as sensory issues. However, by playing with toys, they can effectively and gradually develop their language skills, problem and social interaction solving skills, as well as their sensory-motor skills. But which are the best toys for them?

The ideal toy can significantly assist them experience joy, understand the basics of play as a concept not to mention helping them in developing visual strength and musical tone.

Below are several toys which you can gift autistic children and teens. Not only are they fun to play with; but they also assist in the overall development of the child. In this list, you will find the best gifts for Autistic kids and teenagers and also learn why they are the best.

  1. Adorox Liquid Bubble Drop Motion Wheel

This is a lovely desk toy which also doubles as a visual stimulant for kids and teenagers with special needs. Autistic kids tend to focus on moving objects or dots or lights to stay focused. Adorox motion wheel helps the child focus on a single thing and calm down and is such an ideal present to gift them.

This toy is a small calm-down bubbler which amazingly fits in your kid’s hand. It has a colored liquid that moved top to bottom albeit faster than you would like. After this liquid comes to the bottom, you can turn it back upside down to get started again!

This beautiful and simple toy is designed using heat-resistant plastic and is available in three color options. What’s more, besides being safe for children, it is portable meaning you can carry it for your child quite easily.

  1. Born To Calm Fidget Toys

Notwithstanding what time it is at home, whether calm or over stimulating, a fidget toy is an ideal gift for a child who has autism. Especially for teenagers who are already juggling with school assignments or about to sit for an important paper such as a scholarship essay for special kids, fidget toys can assist your kid in learning how to control and self-regulate their need for sensory input and physical movement. But before you buy them this toy, you can also seek online assignment writing for children and teens help by typing they can do essay for me if it gets too stressing. Wouldn’t it be a befitting alternative gift after all?

Nonetheless, these toys are simple mesh bags containing glass marbles inside. Although they are recommended for kids from 3 years and up, their bags are securely made and as such the marbles cannot come out of this bag.

Fidget toys are amazing non-toxic, silent toys which help keep your child’s hands busy not to mention also helping reduce anxiety and stress. Moreover, they also come in handy with assisting autistic kids in breaking habits like hair pulling and nail-biting.

This particular set comprises ten toys as well as carrying pouch. Also, these fidget toys are about 3.5 inches in height and therefore discreet and quite easy to use virtually anywhere.

The manufacturer also includes two carabiner clips meaning you can quickly hook them onto a belt loop, back strap or a car strap. The package also comes with an exclusive animated e-book which narrates about fidgeting.

  1. Vehicle Sound Blocks

Designed by Melissa & Doug, the Vehicle Sound Blocks is typically a simple puzzle which engages the kid’s auditory senses. In essence, since it comprises six different vehicles, the kids only need to match these blocks to hear the vehicle’s sound. This gadget improves fine motor skills, visual perception, not to mention coordination.

Vehicle Sound Blocks are quite easy to play with. They boast a distinct self-correcting feature which allows the child to learn about identifying different vehicle sounds and picture association on their own.

The blocks feature six sides comprising a plane, boat, fire engine, ambulance, motorcycle, and a train. Once the child successfully solves a puzzle, they get a visual (vehicle image) as well as auditory feedback (vehicle sound) which in themselves are significantly rewarding.

  1. 12-Sided Fidget Cube

Kids with autism tend to get agitated quickly. Therefore, when such a child is stressed, and there is no teacher or parent to calm him down, a fidget toy can do all the magic! The 12-sided ATiC cube is a great gift to help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and calm down kids who have autism and ADHD. This unique toy is a MUST have especially when your kid goes out on outings or long drives and needs something to help keep them relaxed and occupied.

The cube comprised 12 gadgets inclusive of sliding blocks, smiley minion faces, silicone ball, soft buttons, a joystick that can rotate 360°, on-off switch, worry stone, silicone tags, gambling buttons, rotating disk, and soft silicone.

It is made from non-toxic, high-quality, polycarbonate material and is as such for children as well as teens to use.

  1. cHu-buDDy Pendants

Some autistic kids have difficulty with oral sensory processing, a characteristic that could lead them to indulge in inappropriate biting, licking, and chewing. If your child is suffering from autism oral sensory toys like the Chubuddy pendants are the perfect gift.  These items offer the necessary oral stimulation which such kids need.

The Chubuddy pendants, in particular, are stylish and boast high-quality material construct which is free from latex, plastic compounds, and lead among other non-toxic items.  The pendant easily blends in with your kid’s style especially if worn as a fashion accessory. Moreover, it also doubles as a great chew toy for those kids with ASD. Attached to the pendants is a clasp breakaway necklace which keeps it close to your child.


Although all these gifts can be obtained in a toy shop, it is important to remember that it is not a MUST that you visit a shop to get your child a gift. Alternatively, you can also design appealing toys using everyday objects readily available in your home. What is important is to present your child with an accessory which can offer them enjoyment, help them enhance their skills, and also teach them new skills.

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William Stewart is an author, supervisor, and counselor. Stewart has a background in psychiatric social work and nursing. He is also the author of several self-help books, most notably the famous A-Z of Counseling Theory and Practice.

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