Online Casino Bonus Hunting – Secret Tricks

Online Casino Bonus Hunting

Grab a hot drink, get ready to make it again, let’s have a hunt of a no deposit online in honor of all “bonus whores”. I am fifty, and is there a better way to finish celebrating it than by having a bonus and making it into a large bankroll? Fine, to start with a deposit match offer would be better, that is an option for us, so we are making a deposit of 20-40 euros to turn later in 8k. No offense, but it’s a real thing I did years ago, players. So, it’s likely I’m the first person to whom to apply for the information about bonus hunting, to George.

Definition of Bonus Hunting

When it hasn’t been your moment, your day, or even the year… Think about this: you are finding a sign up bonus to raise the possibility of cashing out large money, so your efforts are paid off many times. I got it, I mastered the skill of bonus hunting, the know-how of choosing “the right” proposition, for that, you need to learn the basics of also called “bonus whoring”. Make use of bonus offers by due to new knowledge and don’t let any biases get in your way of winner play standards. You either win or win, you’re really right, we don’t bet on our funds, we are making money out of casino promos.

Checking Play Requirements

But there’s something about this, what makes us all feel a bit more insecure of the task, but that’s actually playing requirements, but they are just another reason to get a better look at your favorite games, casinos’ requirements and invest a little more time in getting “bonus-whoring-ready”. From games application, to the wagering or no wagering terms, here is my strategy that will save your time, and maybe, your money.

Bonus Hunting Strategy

In honor of the hunting I have rounded up my 4 best and most useful techniques used below.

  • avoid slots

  • practice blackjack where you have chances to meet the bonus terms

  • if you are experienced in poker, it is fine too

  • wager 1 euro at a hand or lower

Growing Your Bankroll

If everyone has been listening to the above said tips above carefully, you’re ready to get your bankroll to double. So how did I make 8K out of 10 euros? I actually increased my hand in blackjack by one when I double my bonus sum. And if we’re being fair, I’m very proud of the decisions.

My Experience of Bonus Whoring

If you’re bad at making decisions, honestly, see my story about that time when I was kind of trying to become the chaser. Each bonus money hunter thanks to such recommendations knows how to lift the balance up having few euros or spins, not to mention they know where to find these offers.

When I started it was by chance, I got 10 euros free above my deposit of another 10 to try any game at a casino. On the website, I have chosen one poker game as I highly enjoy it. That was like a competition where I had no fear to lose any pound, I was more focused on the gameplay. When I increased the sum up to €500, starting with €10, I stopped then. I guess I wasn’t just ready for the things to come.

Next time I made it was on the following day. And again, I was fearless but clear-headed, I registered with another casino as the operator promised €200 for a start at 20 wagering. So I read about the games where players may try reducing the house edge (the HE), and my choice fell on blackjack of the list. I made 2 hundred euros out of the thin air. Before I got the mark, I had 1,000 euros, and already vestige of doubt.

So with that when I founded that it wasn’t the best out of blackjack varieties with the edges between 1% and 0.13%, I made another shot, resulting, as you know, in €8,000.


Looking back on the experience, I feel like as an online player I’m more aware of what bonus hunting means at present, than I could have won the bigger money then, the first time making the effort. Such experience may mark the end of the “trivial” play as one knows it.

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