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Good for the Soul

Music makes us feel good, and when we are listening to music we find pleasurable then brain regions called the Iimbic and paralimbic areas are activated and these regions are connected to euphoric reward responses, just like those that we experience from good food and sex.

Now it is easy to understand why good food and great sex are rewarded with a dopamine hit, as both contribute to our wellbeing and our survival, but why music?

The truthful answer up to this point, is that no one really knows although there are many ideas floating about to why this is, what we do know for sure is that music can provoke intense emotion and add to an experience, making it all that more enjoyable.

Hence, our world is filled with music, its vibrations, its beats and rhythms and we find it everywhere. From the local supermarket in the high street to the most glamourous of casinos where you can play a game of blackjack or one of the other classic games, music is always there

In fact, the gambling industry has embraced music as a positive enhancer is the gambling industry and you can now play games that have some of the best original soundtracks included to make playing even more enjoyable.

Take Motorhead as one of the most popular examples of how a game can be enhanced with music. The late, great Lemmy was a figurehead in the heavy metal movement and his legacy lives on in many ways. Motorhead the slots game lets players rock out to their favourite songs like ‘The Ace of Spades’ whilst enjoying their time playing an action-packed five reel, seventy-six payline slots.

Another music ledged Jimi Hendrix is can also be found in a slots game. With a funky 60’s art style that matches the era when Hendrix made his best music players can spin the reels whilst listening to tracks like Foxy Lady and Purple Haze.

Another icon of music and known as the King of Pop Michael Jackson is also featured in a slots game and each time the reels are spun players get to listen to one of his classic songs to make game-play even more enjoyable.

In fact, music covers just about every genre in the gambling industry from Elvis to the spectacular movie soundtracks attached to the blockbusting films like Jurassic Park or Harry Potter, bringing games to life alongside high-quality graphics and video clips.

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