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Freek’s Giving Us Two Singles Via Program

Out this week on the sister label of D&B titans Ram Records, Program, is a pair of tunes put together by Freek. He offers fans a variety in his productions with both “Therapy” and “Lately” and if you’re into this sick genre, we urge you to check the both out.

“Therapy” rolls out in slick style, leaving you lost in its beat-driven bassline and sharp rhythmical flair. In contrast comes “Lately,” the kind of melodic, liquid-inspired cut that shows a more refined energy – but not at all less memorable.

He says: “I’m really excited to get these two tunes out there as a single and I’m really happy with the complete contrast of styles. I believe having the A-side as a heavy hitting bassy stomper and the flipside the complete opposite – a melodic musical vocal number – is a great way to show off the different styles I like to work with.” 

Check them both below.

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