AEXCIT’s “Ain’t You” Is A Super Catchy Pop Delight

Next up on the German label AESTHETE Music is “Ain’t You,” a track superbly produced by AEXCIT. If you haven’t heard of this duo, it’s time to get to know. Perhaps best known for tracks like “What We Do” and “Always You,” this latest single has our seal of approval.

It takes the form of a contagious pop tune, but has some of the driving bite of a dance track. AEXCIT are able to balance the sound and deft production finishes brilliantly, and this is track that will sound good over and over again.

Reflecting, they say: “Ain’t You” was a true challenge for us since we were developing a new sound through this song, which was significantly different from our previous releases… Overall it was more than a year in the making, because we had to try so many different versions of it until we started feeling ok with it.”

Check it out for yourself, right here.

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