INTERVIEW: Jon and Roy

Pic by Sierra Lundy

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Where Has My Love Gone’?

Sure thing.  This was a tune I (Jon) pretty wrote two years ago in bed one morning after a hard-fought night of barely any sleep…my mind was full of frustration and the melody and line and music just appeared into my brain.  Roy and I worked on it further this year, hammering out the details.   We’re very happy how it turned out! ~Jon

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Unfortunately not –– this one was actually a last minute add into our ‘single’ roster.  Because of this, a video was not in the cards. ~Jon

The single comes off your new album Here – what’s the story behind the title?

Well, it’s the title track of our album for one.  But we also felt it summed up something important in life –– to be present and ‘here’ no matter where you are.  We all exist somewhere at any given time and acknowledging that existence at any given time is a powerful thing. ~Jon

Would you call this your much grounded record?

Jon and I have found a little more comfort in the studio these days and I think our confidence has grown a bit because we feel more at ease. It’s tough to say which album is the most “grounded.” I looked the word up and the definition is “well-balanced” and “sensible.” It does feel like a balanced albums in terms of style and cohesiveness but hopefully it’s not too sensible cause that sounds a bit boring. ~ Roy

How was the recording and writing process?

It was fairly typical for us.   We always spend a number of months before recording hashing out the songs in Roy’s basement until we get them to a place we are both happy with.  The recording process itself took about ten days or so for this one –– it was definitely a hot one with no air-conditioning and August was as warm as can be where we were recording. ~Jon

How did the whole forest vibe get to influence the record’s sound?

Jon and I had to take a nice drive to get to the studio each morning. It felt really great to leave the city behind and slowly get to a more rural part of the island. Plus, having the time to think and listen to music without too many distractions can be really inspiring when you are in the studio. ~Roy

What made you want to get yourself into the woods?

Jon and I dig “the outdoors” immensely. We seek it out on tour as much as time allows and when we are back home, we both gravitate toward hiking, swimming and being outside. ~Roy

With the success from your previous musical work – were you feeling nervous or pressure as you work on this new material?

No. We are lucky in that sense I think –– we basically just make music we like and that seems to work out OK for us. The only pressure we ever get is internal and thankfully we feel comfortable making our music the way we want.  If it feels good to play it, we record it. ~Jon

What role does Victoria play in your music? 

Victoria provides lots of access to natural spaces and that influences are work in many ways.  It also provides us a pretty chill place to live, which is beneficial for working on the kind of music we make. ~Jon

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Everywhere! Other music, film, touring, travel, relationships, internal swirlings… inspiration can come from anything really.  ~Jon

Any plans to hit the road?

Jon and I are heading up to Cumberland, B.C.  for a show this weekend and then we fly to Europe mid-March for 14 dates. When we get home, we have a hometown show (Victoria, B.C.) and one in Vancouver too. ~Roy

What else is happening next in Jon and Roy’s world?

Touring and promoting this album is currently our main focus right now, with an eye towards summer festivals. Outside of the band, Jon and I are busy people. Jon’s other project Ocie Elliott just released an album called We Fall In and him and his bandmate Sierra Lundy are gonna do some North American and European touring in support. I make rhubarb hot-sauce called Zing Tang and work as a high-school teacher. ~Roy

You can listen to the new single here here.

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