INTERVIEW: Véronique Gayot

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Can you talk to us more about latest single ‘shake you up and down’?

Veronique:With pleasure …This song was the second song we worked on.

It just begun with those 2words ‘wild cat’ that came to my mind.

Those 2words just inspired me a song about the power of love and seduction.

What is the story of this song?

veronique:my main actor is a wild girl with a strong attractive charm ,able to disarm a man.

She is whole ,entire and loves in a passionate way.That is a kind of love that burns and never meets serenity ..a love lived like a kind of urgency ….unbearably good .

Recording and writting process?

Veronique:i wrote first my songs with simple rhythms and trying to give Timo the color ,atmosphere or direction i would like to go with each songs.Writting process is a long quest like finding the best resonnances ,right words …and third step is interpretation.

Then Timo proposed me his musical ideas and it was always great the way he quite immediately  answered and satisfied my expectations.

We recorded in his studio .was always good experience to explore the way of singing and Timo helped me go beyond .

How was it like to work with Timo.How did the relationship develop?

Veronique :Those human and musical exchanges are ,with no doubt ,great experience and adventure.

We are rich ,on one side because we are coming from different cultural horizons living in another land ,on the other side because we are strongly influenced and inspired by Music that is our main everyday passion.

How much did he get to influence the album ?

Veronique :Because Timo is talented musician  and very experimented in composing, it was not necessary for me to spend much time trying to explain how it had to sound according to me .

Timo succeeded in highlightening each song in a strong way .Was easy to put  my trust in him and knew quite quickly that he would do a great job .

Awesome how intensively involved we both were .

Of course Timo has got his own musical touch and color …he colored this album in a wonderful way ,proving that he ‘s been following Blues highway’s twists and turns since a long time yet..!

How did you go on blending and balancing the Rock and Blues with this record?

Veronique :that was not really a question we had to deal with.

As we mainly hang on the same roots ,same real envy to visit different aspects of the music style .

We did not think about how to blend rock with Blues …we just naturally went in different directions considering how songs had to sound best.

What aspect of inner wealth and suffering play in your music?

Veronique: I really love when my inspiration leads me to sad and emotional sensations ,i can go down deep trying to translate those emotions in words ,trying to share the true feelings ..strong and fragile .

As i really love when same inspiration gives me that opportunity to talk about sweet madness moments ,joy ,hope…in an idealistic positive way .

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

veronique: The Inspiration often comes from places we don’t know …it’s mainly the result of who we are ,the path we are walking on,the things we have already lived ,the things we actually live  ,and the things we ,in our depth, expect  to live .

A simple word can give birth to a song ,a story,an atmosphere .

Though inspiration may sometimes look like  unreachable ,it’s just exciting  moment when it comes to you.Anywhere , anytime, anyhow…!

Any plans to hit the road?

Veronique: I am really looking forward to make those songs live on stage !

Sharing them with the public is kind of cherry on the cake.

With great talented musicians it can only be amazing adventure .

What else is happening in veronique Gayot’s world?

veronique : continue be free to write,create,express and share with my fellows is what i could wish best for  myself .So i’m longing  to discover the following adventures with kind of excitement and enthusiasm.

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