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Hi Luke, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey I’m very well thank you! How are you?

I’ve been getting my next releases ready (it’s been too long since I last dropped anything!) and I’m excited to finally get this music out there. I’ve got some exciting content that I’m very proud of to so I look forward to sharing it.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Heaven”?

I can’t wait to finally put this song out! Sonically, I am so proud of this song and feel that the sound I wanted in my music was finally achieved with this record. I wrote Heaven when I felt in a really good place (both personally and musically). I had gone through some lows after no longer being signed and I suddenly felt confident again. Heaven is about wanting something for so long and feeling like you may be on the right path to getting there. But praying that it feels as good as you dream it will. For me this is obviously how I feel about music. I have huge dreams of having my music connect with people all over the world but I hope it feels as good when I get there!

For a long while (when I was signed), I’d been writing songs which didn’t feel like me . Looking back, I didn’t have anything of real substance to say and musically I had a strong idea of what I wanted but writing in that environment meant we were chasing the wrong things. After this song, I felt I had the sound and really knew who I was as an artist.

Of course that level of confidence peaks and troughs but in this song I have something I believe in with every part of me.

Last song borrow inspiration from self-confidence – what topics are you touching on this track? Are there any religious or spiritual allegories?

This is a message filled with hope but also fear. It’s entering the unknown. For me, Heaven is something I’ve always believed in but not knowing it exists or how it will feel is a metaphor for your future I feel. I want ‘Heaven’ to connect with anyone fighting for something they love but who may not know where that fight will lead them.

Any plans to release a music video for the single or will you go for another acoustic rendition?

So I have a few exciting visuals to drop alongside the single. I went to South Africa last year for a show and whilst out there I linked up with a videographer and we shot a load of content for the song. I’m going to be releasing these as little snippets for online (so stay tuned to my instagram!)

I’m even more excited about a live gospel studio version I have filmed for this song! My vocal coach is incredible and has become a very good friend. She runs a backing vocal collective and we filmed a stripped down version with they’re incredible voices (in one take). I had the idea but didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off. Through some vision, a little hustling and meeting incredibly talented people we created something I will always  be proud of.

How was the recording and writing process?

By the point of meeting KZ (producer), I’d worked with lots of people and often struggled with the direction I wanted to head in. We sat down and spoke about a few things including the music I loved and how I was feeling at the time. It felt like he got me straight away and the sounds he was playing me just filled me with so much inspiration. I think it also helped that I really had something to say. I had ‘lived’ a little more and so lyrically I believed in every word I recorded. He called in his friend Mikey (mikemusiq) (who has since become my Musical Director) and I was just amazed at the sounds they were producing. I could not stop smiling when listening to what they were building around the melodies. It had the gospel/RnB and soul influences that I had always wanted whilst also feeling new & exciting. The song felt like ‘Luke Burr’ from the very first day. I’d say it is still my favourite song I’ve ever written and I’m grateful for having met such talented people.

How your time split between LA and London has influence your writing? Do you tend to borrow inspiration from one culture rather than the other?

Spending time away from London to create has had such a beneficial effect for me. LA in particular is full of talented people all hustling and it’s been so inspiring for me. I also feel like it has to do with my mindset when away from home. Rather than the comfortzone of home, I’m forced to make new friends and end up saying ‘yes’ to more. This has put me in so many exciting situations and led to an increase in my creativity. I feel like I then try to take that same mindset back home to continue to grow & learn as an artist and as a person.

Do you tend to take a different approach when you are collaborating with someone else rather than in your own?

I always prefer writing with other people than just on my own personally. I guess I feel more free to make mistakes when I’m on my own and so may go to places I wouldn’t always go when collaborating but ultimately I love sharing that experience of writing a song with other people. Certain people’s energy and talent can be inspiring to me which I feel brings out the best in me. It helps having someone pull my best ideas from me rather than relying on myself. I think in time, my confidence will grow so that I’ll write better on my own too.

How’s that EP you be demoing around been shaping lately? Can we actually expect it this year?

Soooo good question! With where I’m at right now I believe my next few releases will most likely be singles. But I am hoping to release a body of work next year too. I am aiming to consistently be releasing music all year long.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

You’ll find out soon enough!

Any plans to hit the road?

Yess. I am planning a headline show (probably May) in London and am looking at at doing a tour after the festival season.

What else is happening next in Luke Burr’s world?

So I have another 5 weeks over here in LA trying to make those stars align while I record and play some shows. I have my next singles ready to go and I just want to write as many great songs as I can to share with the world. I have a trip to Berlin coming late March for some filming and a show. I’ve also got a collaboration or 2 dropping soon… And I’m planning my next set of shows too! Live is a huge focus of mine and I want to tour as much as possible to perform for as many people as I can. That’s really where I get the biggest buzz.

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