INTERVIEW: Dream Reporter

Welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey! Very excited to be here! I’ve been in pretty good spirits, thanks for asking 🙂

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “It Stays”?

Ah yeah, It Stays. Well it’s quite a dark and moody piece, a little on the rockier and more experimental side of my music i guess, with lots of the usual lush hooks and melodies. It’s only been out a few days, but already I’ve had a few comments about the guitar hook at the beginning being a bit of an earworm, so that’s cool. Also that the track kind of transforms in the second half which has surprised and delighted a few fans so far heh. It’s very Dream Pop and modern at the same time.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

It’s about living in the twilight hours and feeling too depressed to want to do anything but sleep soa s to avoid life and general existence really. It’s not the cheeriest of subjects, but in the end i really did feel that the battle with depression is hard enough without worrying about how you might be perceived. And that if I felt that way, i guess it was important to share that journey, because if message reached just one other person it would be enough. The journey is different for every person but i do believe the one thing that holds true is that you can have good days, even good weeks and yet still not feel “better”. And no amount of friends or lovers fixes that, which is kind of maddening. That in essence is what the song is about.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Yes! I think the lyric video is coming out first which is really cool. So all of the It Stays artwork and the lyric video was shot in my friend Nicole’s flower shop Black Lockett. It’s such a cool space and i’m always in awe of her window displays, it’s just a good place to hang out. We’re always talking about our mad plans for the future when we’re famous and doing huge installations or stage shows etc, and one day i said i should do a shoot here. And she just said yeah you should, and that was that! So i think it was the first week of November last year and just after she’s taken down the Halloween display. She had a gorgeous autumnal background started and i just spent the afternoon adding to it and placing things here and there, bringing a few signature pieces to give it that Dream Reporter feel. And then that evening as the light was just right, she closed up and Gregory, who did the photography came over, and we shot everything, with me kind of setting up the shots and then dashing back into position haha! I think we got everything though in just a couple of hours. Magic.

How was the recording and writing process?

Songs come together in parts for me, no particular order but roughly the lyrics, the melody and hooks are first then the arrangements and the harmonies. So yeah I do write all my own songs, and arrangements.

I have a good practise of making myself write my thoughts or feelings down as they come to me, so it’s not unusual that a song comes out almost fully formed. I think of lyrics as a form of poetry and when i think about expressing those emotions a kind of melody or rhythm will usually be in mind. So i start there and then build everything else out around it.

I recorded most of my tracks at Urchin Studio in London, and a few bits here and there at my home studio.I’m very fortunate that a lot of my friends are excellent musicians who were happy to play parts for me if i needed it.

What role does the UK play in your music?

It’s funny you ask, i guess because there is a power to certain places that’s undeniable. London is like that crazy ex who is always calling me haha. We’re definitely will-they or won’t-they lovers. It’s because it’s where I grew up and got my first fix, i’m such a music addict. It’s where I discovered music and saw my first shows and where i wrote all my material. It’s where i feel most deeply connected to my creative energy I think.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

Yes yes lot’s more material to come. I’m truly excited to share it, a couple singles on the way and then the debut album will drop.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Ooh tricky one haha! Not sure i can say yet!!

Any plans to hit the road?

Absolutely – watch this space 🙂

What else is happening next in Dream Reporter’s world?

Festivals hopefully and lots more shows, more music and a few surprise covers are in the pipeline – it’s such early days I can’t wait to share the rest with you all very soon.

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