The Sweet Kill drops new Single

In “Fuck Love,” the new single by the incomparable dark pop master The Sweet Kill, a wicked, swaggering drum pattern shadows an emotionally-charged vocal from Pete Mills, the lone member of this much-buzzed electronic/dance vehicle. The music is as evocatively spellbinding as the lyrics are, and though the beats are quite hypnotic and ensnaring in their own right, there’s something to be said about the synthesizers that formulate the meat and potatoes of this melody. It’s not often that a song composed around a club-worthy rhythm is as intellectually-stirring and emotively poetic as this is, but then again, nothing about The Sweet Kill’s output has ever fit into the standard, predesigned boxes that his closest rivals often champion as badges of disingenuous individuality. His sound is his own, and it isn’t tethered to any “flavor of the month” trends that more pedestrian artists are usually enamored by.

The vocal here is crisp, clear and undisputedly at the center of the spotlight from the second it enters the picture. Usually The Sweet Kill would put the bass at the forefront of the mix, but in this scenario, there’s nothing to come between us and Mill’s erudite serenade, which stands out even amidst all of the delicate discord transpiring behind him. The synthesizers are cutting but not abrasive, and though they’re not as rigidly faceted as the acrylic percussion parts are, they’re almost solely responsible for making these harmonies into the utter tour de force that they ultimately become in both the chorus and the main verses.

I don’t think there’s much of a question as to whether or not these are the most unfiltered lyrics we’ve heard from The Sweet Kill, in what I would describe to be an exceptionally rare moment of unguarded vulnerability. Mills comes off as deeply confessional here, ready to bear all to us without any shame or fear of judgement. His admissions are seething, self-critical and brazenly accusatory of the one thing that every human being on the planet spends their life desperately chasing after – love. “Fuck Love” doesn’t dismiss romance – it attacks its infectiousness, yearns for its candor, and asks for us to join in with Mill’s uncompromising declaration, if for no other reason than to spite loneliness by embracing it as a friend.

The Sweet Kill has dished out a stunner of a single in “Fuck Love,” and I think it’s going to do wonders for his already burgeoning profile within the indie pop underground. I’ve enjoyed everything that he’s come up with in the studio so far, but there’s something particularly urbane and exquisite about this release that sounds and feels more intimate and authentic than anything currently dominating the American pop charts. DJs, producers and similarly ambitious songwriters are going to have a tough time keeping up with The Sweet Kill as he continues to build on this staggering momentum that he’s currently exploiting with magnificent results, and something tells me that we’ve only started to see what he’s capable of when the parameters of his creative personality are removed and he’s allowed to really cut loose.



by Bethany Page

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