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Did Beards Become too Mainstream for Their Own Good?

Beards were either frowned upon or accepted throughout the history of humankind. Some cultures perceived them as a sign of masculinity, while others deemed them too untidy.

In the last few years, beards have become fashionable once again, and it seems that men have been experimenting more than ever, inventing new beard styles and modifying the existing ones. Some of the most popular styles today are Bandholz, Garibaldi beard, Van Dyke, and others.

Men have been doing everything in their power to make their beards look clean, neat, shiny, and, before all, original. From visiting professional barbers to maintaining their health by taking part in acro yoga Zing Events and similar body&mind activities — men are ready to do anything to glorify its majesty — the beard.

Unsurprisingly, the results are very positive, and the fairer sex loves them beards!

How Were Beards Perceived in the Past?

Beards were always accepted in one way or another, but only in certain social circles. Greek philosophers usually had beards, but not slaves or other ordinary citizens. The same principle was pretty much applied by the Romans who perceived bearded people as either intellectuals or some high-ranking individuals, such as generals. On the other hand, soldiers, gladiators, and many others were actually allowed to grow a beard, but not many wanted it, since they were very much aware of their position in society.

However, when Christianity became the most dominant religion in Europe, things started to change. At that time, the perception of beards shifted too. The medieval times brought about a total change, as many people started to grow beards simply because they were not tidy enough and did not care about shaving their facial hair.

The Renaissance was a period in Europe when many people started experimenting with fashion, and taking care of one’s beard was a part of that trend too. The idea of men having a beard as a fashion statement slowly started to emerge, but the true beard renaissance came centuries later (a couple of years ago).

Throughout the 20th century, most people had a negative attitude toward beards. Once again, apart from university professors and artists, not many people approved of, say, office workers growing a beard.

The prototype of a contemporary bearded man emerged in the 60s when hippies started growing facial hair, destroying the image of a beardless man as a sex symbol. That altered notion was again explored by the hipster movement, and eventually went full mainstream not long ago. A couple of years ago, we finally witnessed the beard renaissance when the line between beards being a part of the hipster subculture and a part of the mainstream fashion was eliminated.

How to Take Care of Your Beard in the 21st Century?

Taking care of your beard nowadays is not complicated — it’s a routine process that you need to stick to in order to make your facial hair look appealing to both yourself and others.

First of all, you should learn how to trim your beard like a professional. You might fail a couple of times, but beards have one feature that we all love — they keep growing. If you mess it up one time, wait a couple of days and try trimming your beard properly once again. That way, you will save money that you would have otherwise spent at the barber’s.

Speaking of barbers, you should not avoid them entirely, as they are professionals who can make your beard look its best. Therefore, paying them a visit every once in a while is a great strategy to take care of your beard.

However, one of the problems related to barbers is that it is often difficult to find the right one. Even when you succeed in that, your barber might not always be around, which is why you should learn how to take care of your beard when you are away from home.

Finally, bearded men nowadays apply various products in order to make their beards not only look great but also be healthy. There are dozens of beard products that you can use, but the ones that are natural and organic, such as HiLee on Amazon, will have the best effect on your beard overall. Such products do not contain ingredients that may harm your facial hair or your skin in the long run.

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