How to Find the Best 6.5 Inch Car Speakers That Produce a High Sound Quality

Your car is perhaps the one place where you always get to choose not just the music you play, but how loud and how often you play it too! Getting the most from your music means having great speakers, but with so many makes and models on the market picking out the right ones can be a nightmare.

Here we’ve got together a guide on hunting down top notch 6.5 inch speakers that are certain to deliver the excellent sound quality you are looking for, along with the other qualities – such as cost, durability, reliability, and power output – which combine to make a product deserve to be classified as one of ‘the best’.

Look at the big name brand websites

There are reputable brands who produce excellent 6.5-inch speakers to suit all pocketbooks, so don’t assume you have to settle for those from no-name manufacturers. Take Pioneer for example, their speakers are typically at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to pricing, but their 6.5 inch car speakers are considered to be some of the best you can buy!

They are made from quality materials, so are built to last and their TS-A1675R model is the best selling 6.5-inch speaker in their range. With a very generous frequency rate and a 90dB sensitivity rating you can’t go wrong. Finally – this particular model of speaker works well with both the factory head unit or teamed with an external amp.

To learn about some of the other best brands of car speakers, head over to ProCarReviews.

Good budget buys

If you have outgrown the standard issue speakers in your car but don’t have the budget to run to a typical lower-end good quality speaker then the biggest online car accessory retail outlets are the place to shop. With low overheads and huge bulk buying power you will be able to find a decent pair of 6.5 inch speakers made by someone like Rockford Fosgate for around $30.

You won’t get state of the art exterior design for that kind of price, but these are a definite step up from the default pair you’ve been living with, and capable of producing some very clean crisp sounds.

For the noise fiends

Not all car speakers can cope when the volume is cranked up way high. There are two possible reasons for this. The biggest culprit is an amplifier which simply doesn’t have enough power to cope with a request for too much sound, which means at best distortion, and at worst overheating which causes permanent damage to the speakers. The other possible reason is that the speakers are not well made, so increased volume levels push the drivers beyond their limits, which in turn creates heat and this damages the internal components.

To avoid these problems always buy car speakers made with good quality parts and with a decent amplifier. Infinity’s REF 6522IX 6.5 inch speakers are a great example. You can definitely turn up the volume without fear of distortion or damage.

Good quality speakers that deliver great sound are worth making the effort to find, so why compromise?

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