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Fox Blanco

Fox Blanco Deliver The Pop-Inspired “VR”

The next record from Sweden’s Fox Blanco is now up for grabs. It’s the follow up to last year’s “Son,” and is sounding pretty special. “VR” is a chance to enjoy more of a pop-inspired listen from the trio, and it brings together some catchy vocal and rhythmical elements to ensure it stands out.

Speaking on its inspiration, Fox Blanco say: VR’ is about meaningful online relationships and the urge to escape our sometimes challenging world. When responsibilities and real life are calling, you sometimes react by diving straight into a more attractive, virtual world where the weather is good and you have a ton of friends. It feels so real and good, at least for a while. It’s something many young people probably have experienced today in the online world.” 

Give “VR” a listen here.

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