Californian Rapper Cap Drops 3 Singles

When it comes to taking hip-hop as a means of expression to an entirely new level, few artists are quite as accomplished as Californian rapper Cap is. In three new singles – “Worth It,” “Big Screen” and “Alcohol,” – he draws inspiration from his own life and dispatches feverish raps that are passionate, sometimes slowed down and patient, but always ethereally designed sonically. For those who aren’t aware, Cap has been imprinting his own style on the California hip-hop scene for well over a decade, and though he’s not a household name around the world, his ascent into the mainstream seems destined to commence with the release of these urbane, highbrow songs, and moreover, his new album Scorpio.

“Alcohol” doesn’t just sport a sample of a classic rock song in “I Love Rock n’ Roll;” it actually has a very raucous rock n’ roll feel to it in the master mix, which is rigid but full of vibrant color just the same. There’s a chest-pounding machismo here that most of his hardcore fans will recognize as a regular element in his music, but it’s equaled by the fiery musicality of the backing track and its wistful command of the tempo. It’s not Cap’s most volatile piece ever, but it’s clearly among his most brutally forceful.

The most intimate song that I’ve ever heard from Cap is “Worth It,” another single from Scorpio that has a lot of pickup in its delivery but doesn’t shortcut us on provocative lyricism at all. It’s as if something changed for Cap, something that was perhaps holding him back from being completely open with us poetically in the past, because in this song he’s speaking to us with air of contrition and self-awareness that I’ve never witnessed in his work prior to now. He wears it well, and I hope it doesn’t stop with this release’s radio run.


“Big Screen” is reason enough for anyone who ever doubted Cap to admit their misjudgment and give him the respect that he has always deserved as an artist and as a songwriter. Not only does this song rep where he’s at right now artistically, it employs a vacuum-style mix that straight up smashes through the speakers with a beefy bassline and aching vocal to match. I enjoyed what Cap had made for us in the studio before Scorpio, but if these tracks are any indication as to what we can anticipate from him in the future, the golden age of his career has only just begun.

All three of these singles are amazing additions to Cap’s discography, and in my opinion (and from what I understand, that of most of my peers in the indie journalism community), he’s getting even better with age and experience. If III was a statement record, then perhaps this material is an evolved stage of that message. This is Cap at his most raw, unfiltered and untethered to the predominant trends of modern hip-hop as we’ve come to understand them, and in that sense, this is indeed his most real and candid music so far.

by Bethany Page

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