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AV Super Sunshine releases “Orange” Single

Masterful composers know no boundaries stylistically, and in the case of AV Super Sunshine, that statement has never wrung so true. Take his new single “Orange” for example – AV is releasing three separate mixes of the track, each bolstering a style that the songwriter and performer has come to understand better than a lot of purists who devote the entirety of their careers to perfecting. In the radio mix, the club mix and the rock mix, we get to know AV Super Sunshine from a perspective than most fans are never privy to; through the eyes of a fly on the wall of the studio, listening as he hammers out the structure of a mind-bending arrangement one note at a time.

Lyrics are paramount in the moodiness of the club mix, which on its own is a seductive version of “Orange” that leans on its pristine hooks more than it does a violent rhythm, as is the situation with the radio mix. It’s not always true of club songs, but in this mix the vocals are always at the forefront of all the action transpiring in the track, including the acrylic, uncaged bassline. AV Super Sunshine has never gotten due credit for his grasp of emotional poetry, but a song like this could change that if given the right platform to reach the public.

The electropop versions of “Orange” are found in the radio and club mixes, and they surprisingly don’t water down the natural zeal of the melodies at all. I’m usually reticent towards synthesized grooves, but the ones that cushion the vocal track in the radio mix have got to be some of the more authentic that I’ve heard in a long time. Audio snobs and club kids alike can get into these tracks, and if that doesn’t say something about AV Super Sunshine’s immense skillset, I don’t know what would.

Glam rock inspired “Orange” in all three of the mixes that we find it in with this release, but the excessiveness of the original glam scene isn’t transposed in this modern setting as to create unneeded (and unwanted) overindulgence. True, the rock mix of the song is the cleanest in terms of execution, but the campy flare that made artists like David Bowie superstars is still plentiful in the fabric of the track itself. So many performers strive for this type of hybridity in the studio, but few other than AV Super Sunshine are really able to not only render but also harness it properly.

He isn’t the household name that a lot of other writers are, nor is he signed to a major label deal, but with singles like “Orange” comprising the cornerstones of his tremendous body of work, you better believe you’re going to be hearing a lot more about AV Super Sunshine as time goes on. 2019 is going to be a really big year for AV, and this song and its three magnificent mixes undoubtedly will fuel the already intense momentum he’s got ahead of Candyland, his soon to be released new album. I’m looking forward to seeing its much-hyped content for myself, and I know I’m not the only one.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/6lPMZ0Rv4bmG1IjXwZJMxF

by Bethany Page

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