Genucel, the Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Manufactured by Chamonix Company, Genucel is a line of scientifically tested anti-aging skin care products based on the firm’s plant stem cell technology. These products also include other essential ingredients which make them perfect for your skin. The company uses powerful formulations to help achieve everything ranging from reduced puffiness and eye bags to a brighter and more youthful complexion. See here for 8 Aging Tips for Men who want to have a youthful look.

According to the Chamonix Company, these products can provide positive results in less than 12 hours, and they are equally useful to both women and men. The company uses MDL Technology to manufacture advanced skin care products. MDL technology is a special functional ingredient derived from natural vegetable oils of Meadowfoam to help tighten your saggy jawline and target the pesky double chin section.

By combining the natural peptides with Meadowlactones for the first time, the skin around the neck and chin area will tighten within a few minutes. The products work quickly, and the results get better every day. Here are some of the branded products.

Eyelid Treatment

This eyelid treatment is a skincare product that lifts and transforms the general appearance of the droopy eyelids providing your eyes with a fresh and youthful look. The eyelid treatment contains peptides tone which helps tighten and smoothen the look of the saggy skin.

By using this product, your eyes will look fresh, alert and young. It also contains peptide proteins to help nourish your delicate skin for smoother, softer and more youthful eyes.

TV and Radio Package

Chamonix offers a radio and TV package, and it includes services such as the plant stem cell eye therapy. This utilizes plant stem cells from the great Malus Domestica apple plant to make your skin look younger than it was. The additional ingredients include Algae extract, Goji Berry extract, hydrolyzed marine collagen, and the green tea extract.

The program helps promote the package, which is a plant stem cell therapy eye cream designed to reduce the under-eye puffiness and bags. All the new customers receive both one-month Genucel and the immediate effects free when they purchase a one-month supply.

Recent News

Genucel recently announced the establishment of a new and user-friendly site. According to the company’s spokesman, customers who want to purchase the skin care products can do so at their new website. Also, the spokesperson said that Genucel contains natural plant extracts and natural peptides along with the Malus Domestica plant stem cell that originates from the Swiss apple. On the new website, customers can also get other products in their package which include Esotique-RF, Vitamin C advanced treatment, and Matrixyl which is a popular anti-wrinkle treatment.

Philanthropic Work

Genucel recently raised thousands in donations for the Moving Beyond Abuse charity. The company together with women aware as well as the yearly movements beyond abuse race and charity walk raised some funds to help the victims. The firm is proud to support their customers as well as the local agencies.

The company hopes to continue providing individuals not only with the beautification items but also with the necessary tools they require to make their lives better. With an accreditation since 2010 and an A-plus better enterprise bureau rating, the firm is committed to promoting smooth, healthy and youthful-looking skin with their innovative products.

Also, the company understands that the effects of abuse cannot be hidden anymore by creams and makeups that take good care of the after effects. It knows that it is time to provide and apply the philosophy to preventive healthcare. Genucel together with the Women Aware raised funds to help prevent children and women from enduring abuse at the hands of the parents and partners.

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