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Some Tips on Planning Your First RV Rental for a Music Festival

For those who are enthusiastic about it, fun and music are the two major ingredients which urge you to take part in music festivals.

These festivals usually involve camping for a few days, and so it is an ideal event to think of an RV rental. You can relax at your well-outfitted RV after the whole day of singing, dancing, and having fun.

So, what all things you have to consider while doing your first-ever RVing to a music festival? Here, let’s explore some tips to enjoy the most out of your RV rental experience.

Things to know about renting an RV

RVing to the music festivals is like planning RVing to any other destinations. The success is in proper planning. The most important primary thing to ensure is whether the festival you are planning for hosts RVs. Almost all major music festivals across the country arrange for their own RV parking and grounds; however, some smaller festivals may be allowing tents only for camping. So, before you book the tickets, ensure there is a scope of RV camping to book it further.

If they offer RV park at the festival venue, then you need to get some additional information also as to how big are the parking lots?

What size of an RV may fit in the best? Also, check out what sort of utility hookups they may provide at the RV grounds? Each event may differ in terms of the utility hook up and set pads offered. It is essential to know how you need to prepare for a dry and healthy camping experience.

Planning your RV trip

Once you have done all the groundwork to about the RV parking facility and the amenities on site, you can start the primary preparations. Approach a reliable RV rental service like https://rvrentalscout.com/ and share your requirements to find out an appropriate vehicle. As they are used to it, many of the providers may suggest you the best models to choose to fit best into a music festival prerequisite.

If you are new to RVing, then try spending some time at the provider’s yard itself to learn how to drive an RV and also learn to operate different add-on features in it. Check about the seating capacity and boot space specifications etc. Next, you can pack your personal items, essential foods, and drinks, etc., which you need on the way or during the camping days.

Like any other long trip, you are planning for, always consider the environmental conditions while planning for an RV trip too. If it’s during hot summer, then pack a set of light clothes as well as some extra water. Ensure that your RV is air-conditioned which is fully functional if the music festival venue is hot.

Some bonus tips

  • For some festivals, the RV passes may be a bit more expensive than normal passes. However, as you can be more comfortable in an RV at your personal space, bearing this extra cost may be fully worthwhile.

  • Try to know the festival venue rules about using generators and other amenities.

  • Make sure you have an RV service center for your specific model close to the venue to offer instant support if anything goes wrong.

The more planning and preparations you do, the most enjoyable your trip will be to an exhilarating event of a music festival.

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