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How Hoverboards Have Invaded Pop Culture

Hoverboards are everywhere. Kids can be seen riding them through every town in the nation. Sometimes they do cool tricks, sometimes they end up wiping out, but they are still mounting the devices daily. Additionally, hoverboards have invaded pop culture and are being used in music videos and viral videos across the web. Whether a rapper, pop artist, or just a YouTuber, people are featuring hoverboards in their music videos.


Music Artist J Staxx knew he needed to have a hoverboard in his videos and he loves them so much he dedicated an entire song to them. From Canada, J Staxx is a hoverboard fanatic. After free-styling his song in the studio, not ever writing anything down, J Staxx blew up the music industry with his “On My Hoverboard” track.

Staxx said in an interview about his song that everyone needs to just stop using their legs and walking around. That everything should be done on a hoverboard. He’s even declared it a “Hoverboard Movement.” With endorsements like that, it’s no surprise that hoverboards are still a top Christmas gift, three years running.

The Dangers of Hoverboards

J. Staxx is a firm believer that people should not buy the cheapest hoverboards on the market. Previously, there have been reports of the lithium batteries bursting and causing fires, although this was fixed by manufacturers long ago. J Staxx personally endorses the Trekboard as the best on the market. Trekboards are made in Canada but can be purchased worldwide.

Viral Hoverboard Dance Videos

With a quick google search, you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of hoverboards featured in dance videos. Hoverboard lovers like to ride their board with music playing in the background. Others ride their hoverboard in the dark with only the neon lights of the hoverboard illuminated so that watchers can see the hoverboard moving to the beat. It’s the Hoverboard Movement in action.


Viral compilation videos have popped up on Musical.ly with people doing a variety of acts on their hoverboards. Group dances, synchronized moves, and people doing exercise routines on their boards have been made with different songs and featured on the Muscial.ly website.

Studio Dancing on a Hoverboard

Who would have thought that dance and fitness studios would have picked up on the hoverboard fad and incorporated the board into their dance and workout routines? A quick YouTube search will produce a woman, in a handstand position, riding across a studio on her hoverboard and groups of people doing choreographed dances to pop songs.

How about hoverboard Yoga? Yup, there’s videos out there for that too.

Juliana Nicole Milano

J Staxx isn’t the only one to create a music video around a hoverboard. Juliana Nicole Milano also made an “Official Hoverboard Music Video” featuring her riding around a warehouse on a hoverboard while singing.

Artists and hover-lovers are having too much fun incorporating music into their hoverboard videos. These gadgets and similar vehicles  have invaded pop culture and there is no end in sight. Just a word for the wise. If you decide to make a music video of your own, make sure that you know how to use your hoverboard first. Otherwise, you will end up on one of those “Funniest Home Videos Hoverboard Failures” compilation videos.

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