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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We have been good, gearing up to release our next single and record!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Miles Away”?

Miles Away is the second single off the new 5 song EP. It’s a song about missing the one you love most and trying to work through all the constant emotions and thoughts that go through your head while you’re alone.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

MIles Away is a song that I (Steph) wrote while Paul was playing music in Saskatchewan for a few months. It talks about  realizing how much that person really means to you while they’re away and also how difficult it can be to be alone. It’s funny, the song was initially a ballad, but we decided to speed things up which kinda of indicates the excitement that comes with being inlove.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

We’re hoping to be working on a music video in the next coming months, we’ll see what song we end up choosing but Miles Away is a strong candidate! 

The single comes off your new album The Light I Can’t Block Out – what’s the story behind the title?

Throughout the record, we mention this “Light” and how to find it, or hold on to it. Through every hardship. there’s always a brighter side or something good coming down the line. The “light” indicates that there’s always something better around the corner.  “The Light I Can’t Block Out” also comes from a line in “I’m Trying” the last track on the record, a song about a single mother trying her best to make ends meet and wanting the best for her daughter. “ you are salvation without a doubt, you are the light I can’t block out” 

How was the recording and writing process?

Writing for this record came quite naturally. We took alot of time to focus on our live show and to tour, and at a certain point we decided to take a bit of a step back from playing live to focus on writing new material. Writing new music is always an exciting experience, and it gives Paul and I the chance to collaborate and rediscover our love for storytelling. As we write, one person usually leads the songwriting and the other person acts as an editor. We constatnly bounce ideas back and fourth, and end up with a song! Recording this record was a really fun 5 day stint. We worked with Jeff Kynoch from Calgary, AB and we recorded out of Sound Extractor Studios in Edmonton. We had our good friends Brad Tebble ( drums), Derek Wiens ( electric guitar) and Matt Kraus ( keys) play on the record which was a real treat. It’s an incredible experience to make a record with you friends and to collaboarte in the studio. Make music with your friends, folks!

What role does Alberta play in your music?

Being an artist from Alberta, you tend to write alot about the space that surrounds you. We have a studio that we work out of on a farm in Legal, Alberta which is about a 45 minute drive NW of Edmonton. Creating there is like no other, there are no distractions, only canola fields and blue skies that surround you. We are so lucky to have a space like that to work out of, and it definitely does inspire our songwriting. The music scene is Alberta is also so strong and supportive, we are constantly inspired by our friends projects and are in awe of all the talent that comes out of this province.

What were some of the human struggles you get to explore on this record?

With this record, we wanted to be as honest as possible. No beating around the bush, really trying to express certain experiences we have endured into music . The first track off our record “Lights” is about struggling with depression and trying to find something to hold on to. “ Dead Flowers” is about loss and heartbreak, “ Now I’m Gone” is a song about leaving a toxic relationship, and being better for it. “Miles Away” is all about beating the odds of time and space apart, and “I’m Trying” was written specifically for single parents who are struggling, but are fighting for a bright future for their infant. 

What made you want to touch on these dark themes?

We had something to say, in the past few years we both have lived through so much so all these stories and thoughts started to accumulate. I (Steph) usually tend to write when i’m upset, or am feeling distressed. My most honest songs have come from some sort of feeling that I just couldn’t shake. And in my opinion, the songs that are the most heartfelt and pure are the ones that people will connect with and relate to the most.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

We listen to alot of different music. While we were writing this record, we listened to lots of Fleetwood Mac so you can definitely hear that inspiration come through on the first track “ Lights”. Gillian Welch writes the most beautiful and honest songs, so she is also a big inspiration for us. We find that it’s important to constantly listen to new records, and to take certain aspects from those records and to apply them to our songwriting. 

How are you preparing for your upcoming tour?

We are so excited to hit the road, right now, we’re going through set lists and rehearsing quite a bit to put a great show together. We’re picking through some old songs that we want to bring back which is super fun. The tour is all planned out, and everything is put in place, so now we just have to enjoy the moment and have a great time.

What are you looking forward the most?

We’re so excited to be playing shows in different cities where we don’t know as many people. It’s always fun to play for a room who isn’t fully aware of what you’re all about. Connecting with new people on tour is always a good time, and also being able to reconnect with bands along the way.

What can fans expect?

You can expect to hear the new record live, and also some older tunes mixed in. We will also be trying out some new French tunes that we will be recording at the end of the month. Our show starts off quite enegertic, then will settle into some more intimate, emotional songs then we end it on a really high note. So you can expect a little bit of everything from us!

What else is happening next in Post Script’s world?

After tour, we’re heading straight to Moncton, New Brunswick for a week to record a new french EP. We’re really looking forward to be working with Ben Morier in his and Lisa Leblanc’s studio. They’re both musicians that we really look up to, so i’m sure we’ll have a great time making new music together.

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