Hazey Eyes teams up with Moli for the brand new single “Hungover You”

Hazey Eyes teams up with Moli for the brand new single “Hungover You,” yielding smashing results that are certain to leave pop fans from one corner of the earth to the next rejoicing and singing the praises of these two heavyweight contenders. “Hungover You” is an electronic ballad that stands at a complete contrast to the plasticity and inauthentic varnish of mainstream pop, skewing its atmospheric melodies with insatiably volatile grooves that quake the ground beneath us at the right volume. It’s a mammoth single from a pair of artists that are forces to be reckoned with in their own right, but when sharing a studio together take on a larger than life super-form.

“Hungover You” is incredibly tight from a production point of view, and though it’s produced with a balanced approach to rhythm and harmony, its bouncy beats don’t suffer for it at all. Tonality is of paramount concern to Hazey Eyes in every note of music that he has ever released to the public, and in that sense this single is no different than his whole body of work. What does set it apart is its willfully ambient structure, which slows down the pace of the music without ever effecting the tempo, making it easy to embrace every stitch of physicality that he and Moli are leveling at us.

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The lyrics here are cuttingly unapologetic and raw. There’s no other way to put it – Moli is stone cold in this song, emitting one chilly word after another with a startlingly direct and rip-roar execution. Her insularity doesn’t discount the dexterity of her delivery, which in this instance rivals anything that we heard in her recently released EP Résumé. Moli is one of the most appealing elements in “Hungover You,” and in my opinion adds a texture to the single that just wouldn’t be present were Hazey Eyes to have employed any other vocalist.

It’s not the most common of occurrences in this variety of pop music, but this song is just as evocative musically as it is lyrically. The bass harmonizes with the rhythm of the percussion beautifully and creates a heartbeat-style vibration that is impossible to ignore once you notice it. Even if Moli were singing complete gibberish, her suave approach to the words is majestic enough to hypnotize us with its pendulous sway. There’s so many intricacies working here in perfect tandem to project a vibe of contemplation flanked with lust, and I’m fairly confident that those who listen to this song without interruption will find themselves hooked from the jump.

Undyingly engaging and hard to put down once you’ve picked it up, “Hungover You” is a dance song that is far smarter than most of the club fodder you’re likely to come in contact with in 2019, or any other time for that matter. You don’t have to be familiar with the collective works of Hazey Eyes or Moli to get into these grooves, but my gut tells me that you’ll be more than curious about their music after hearing this track if you weren’t already aware of their artistic swagger prior to now.

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by Bethany Page

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