SINGLE REVIEW: Beatrice (featuring Iossa) by Wlady & T.N.Y.

While many of us who are novices to the depth of artistry that electronica is beholden to often experience some difficulties in telling the difference between one EDM song from another, Wlady & T.N.Y.’s “Beatrice” (featuring Iossa) is a powerful, rich club track that instantly distinguishes itself with a sporty rhythm and acrylic textures that speak to the inner beast within all of us. With the assistance of Italian pop crooner Iossa, Wlady & T.N.Y. splice harrowing harmonies with a deliciously fat bassline and carve out a path for heartwarming lyrics to reach out and touch us where it counts the most. The bottom line – this is a heck of a lot more cunning and sly than most club music is.

Lyrically, “Beatrice” is minimally invasive and tries to create a bit of distance between us and Iossa, who sings from beneath a blanket of rigidly-constructed beats. The rhythm itself is overstated, which completely goes against the grain of Iossa’s delivery but somehow doesn’t slow down the pace of his execution. The music keeps stampeding forward, even when he’s hesitating, but we don’t end up tripping over his resistance. “Beatrice” features many moving parts going at varying speeds, but they’re all working together to produce a bouncy groove that doesn’t stop once it gets started.

I was really startled by the muted physicality of the vocal track, as Iossa’s singing typically tends to cast a large shadow over any of the music that dares to accompany his swooning style of attack. Wlady & T.N.Y. didn’t want any one part of this song to linger in our minds over another, and they make that obvious in the way that they treated the master mix. The vocals are tucked into the small spaces between the beats, making the fever pitch of the melody extend from one verse to the next, and our climactic connection with the song lasts all the longer.


“Beatrice” is sleek, streamlined and unusually slim for how unrepentantly forceful its music is. All of the sonic lines within the composition are adequately defined in what we hear as an end result of this trio’s efforts, and I didn’t get the impression that this was anything other than a fully collaborative piece. In a lot of cases, electro-pop collaborations are vehicles of promotion for one artist in particular, but from top to bottom this song boasts many qualities unique to Wlady, T.N.Y. and Iossa on their own, away from this collective project.

Wlady & T.N.Y.’s new single is a must-listen track for all who worship clever electronic beats, as well as for those of us who have been curious about EDM’s tonality but have never felt welcomed by the intellectual nature of its most popular compositions. I’ve only recently discovered Wlady & T.N.Y., as well as Iossa, but in the short time that I’ve come to know their music I’ve grown to understand that for them, this breed of electronica holds so many more opportunities to expand on the blueprint of the genre than previous generations were ever given, much in part due to the advent of modern technology. They’re bringing music into the future one regal rhythm at a time, and that’s something that we can all admire.



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by Joshua Corbin

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