INTERVIEW: Erica Drive

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “All We Are”?

Matt – This was written during the recording of our first EP. The song came together nice a quickly and I think from the beginning it was always a front runner for the first single off the hate, the hurt, the healing. Lyrically it’s about stepping in and talking to friends and family, really making sure they are ok In themselves, as is human nature we have a habit of saying everything is good when the reality is the vast majority of times that’s not the case. The stigma of Mental Health still exists and hopefully a song like this brought to you by 5 burly looking dudes could be a signal for some to open up.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Matt – During the recording of the first EP I was going through some difficult times,  after a day at the studio I had a few lines going round and round in my head so when I got home I wrote what would become the lyrics for ‘All We Are’ I then sat by my computer grabbed my guitar and started writing the music, as I was so involved with the issues it just flowed and acted as a release for me. To finally be able to share this song with people is an incredible feeling and I hope it instils the same level of hope in others as it has in me.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Our Friend Sean Sheridan, he’s done all the videos previous to All we are, took this one on for us, he’s always looks after us,  almost a 6th member at this point and always at the front of the shows banging his head. The filming process subsequently was really relaxed although we only decided on what we were doing a week before the live band element got filmed which added a bit of pressure.

But after calling in some favours and getting our problem solving hats on we got it together, the narrative element was a little harder, we had a loose treatment which Matt put together and then we ended up wandering about in the November rain at midnight looking for locations on the fly. Some of us got drunk, perhaps some of us got a bit twisted, who knows, better watch and see who looks worse for wear.

The single comes off your new EP The Hate, The Hurt, The Healing – what’s the story behind the title?

Matt – Lyrically the Ep contains songs about me dealing with feeling hate and being hurt by people’s actions so when I began writing I was living in that low headspace so writing the songs acted as a healing process in a lot of ways. As writing and rehearsing  went on we took the songs to the studio and I got to release all the bottled up emotions and felt like a massive weight had been lifted so it just seemed fitting to call the ep the hate, the hurt, the healing, in essence it’s the process in its entirety.

How was the recording and writing process?

Matt – I’ve covered some of this already but The writing began with just an Idea for a riff or chord sequence, we would get into a room either all of us or just a few of us and thrash out a demo in front of a computer, we would then take it to the rehearsal space and breathe life into it and get a feel for the energy within the songs, make structural changes or modify bits that didn’t quite work in a live environment. I’d then demo vocals over the top and we have the song.

Damian – With Reference to the Recording side we got the Tracking done across multiple days, Partly Bedroom, Partly Studio, it’s great what you can get done with Technology these days. Obviously we would love the big studio experience, perhaps one day.

What aspect of hate and healing did you get to explore on this record?

Matt – When I was writing lyrics for this EP I was going through a lot of personal lows and some contrasting highs so it was a big jumble of feelings and emotions that shaped the lyrics and themes on the ep as I’ve touched on already. Hate towards people and the situations I was involved with were a massive influence in the songs and just writing them was Cathartic so I feel much better for it.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Matt – I’m constantly making notes of lines and phrases that resonate with me, voice memos of melody ideas. I find it hard to sit down and say ‘right I need to write these lyrics’ for me it’s all about feeling inspired or emotionally invested in a subject , the easier it flows the more heart felt and meaningful it is to Me and hopefully the listener. For me the subject has to be real and Relatable so I find it difficult to write about things that aren’t happening. For the music, we feel we are getting more dialled in as unit the more time we spend playing, sympathetic use of our influences is the main thing without sounding like a carbon copy.

What was it like to work with Mike White and how did that relationship develop?

Ole Mickey Black? Yeah we met him on the local circuit via his work with Wolf culture and his own band Seconds Late, you get to know your local scene and there’s always a talented computer genius with an unusual bedside manner lurking around making awesome records and Mike was the guy. All jokes aside he is Very good at what he does, we would recommend him to anyone.

How much did he get to influence the EP?

He came up with some interesting productions points on a couple of the tracks, reworked sections of others, subtle changes really but with good impact. We were happy with what he put forward. We were really Anal with the mix though I think we got to 6 revisions in the end, yikes, sorry Mike!

How Thrice and The Wonder Years has influence your writing?

Matt – We spend A l lot of time listening to music by lots of varied artists but these two bands have helped shape us.  Collectively we all listen to and enjoy their music, musically we like the big soaring choruses that both of these bands have as a trademark along with a combination of heart felt lyrics the listener can connect to not forgetting wonderfully melodic ambient guitar parts.

What role does the UK play in your music?

Its home, we haven’t played anywhere else yet……., we want to be up there with our influencers without giving up the roots; I don’t see Matt doing an Alex turner or anything. Also the Uk is the best place in the world to play tiny Pubs right? Who needs arenas??? Also shout out to the Anvil in Bournemouth for having an excellent venue and our boy Sam Jeanne for looking after our Merch.

Any plans to hit the road?

Indeed, We’re hitting the southeast the last weekend of February (Folkestone/London), In April we’ve got shows in London, Bristol, Norwich, Liverpool and Bournemouth. Getting out there hoping to make some new friends and see some old ones too!

What else is happening next in Erica Drive’s world?

We Have our second Single from THTHTH coming out in February, look out for our slick new video done for us by the Boss, Jack Fairey, hooked us right up and the thing looks like if Peter Jackson made Noir arthouse Films. We love it. That coupled with the shows already mentioned we’re going to be pretty busy, The EP will be out on the 12th April Might even get a third Video out so stay tuned. Get at us on the socials if you’d like us to come play, we’ll play anywhere even your Lounge.

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