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Junge Junge

Junge Junge & Jamie Hartman Have “Wicked Hearts”

Moving forward from global successes like “Beautiful Girl” and “Run Run Run,” the electronic pairing Junge Junge have just produced a new track. The co-creator of The Backstreet Boy’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” Jamie Hartman, is a featuring artist on the release.

Junge Junge has been making music since 2016. Their warm melodies and refined pop beats have made them firm favourites within the scene, and they are set for further acclaim in 2019. “Wicked Hearts” lands as an emotionally rich sound. Its lyrics instantly hook you in with a reflective energy, whilst they use trademark guitar and synth chords to relay the tune.

We love “Wicked Hearts.” Be sure to give it a listen here.

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