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Being Dead is very much alive with Apostles’ Prom

Being Dead come alive with a brilliantly stylized surrealism that borrows from the past as much as it does the present in their new single “Apostles’ Prom” and its accompanying music video. In the video, we watch as a battle is waged between forces Good and Evil, represented by a decadent Guru and a vicious Devil, both of whom symbolize the divisiveness of our modern times to a certain extent. Their epic fight is engaged on an almost pseudo-spiritual level, taking place in the physical world on an open field, while simultaneously sparking similar conflict in the soundtrack. The imagery is bright, campy and eccentric to no end, but as anyone familiar with Being Dead knows, the depth of their artistry goes well beyond their flashy cosmetic profile.

“Apostles’ Prom” is one of the most lyrically provocative songs of the New Year, but it ironically doesn’t sport more than one singular, memorable line (broken into variating verses) that seemed to reverberate in my mind long after initially listening to the song or seeing the video for the first time. The video itself is incredibly engaging visually, though I do think that the hypnotic music that seems to colorize each of the black and white characters within the frames is what truly makes it complete. In an era marked by the excess of corporate pop music, it’s interesting to find a band that appreciates overindulgence just as much as the establishment does but has discovered a way of conveying it in a much more organic, erudite fashion.

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The production quality of both the video and the single is steeped in lo-fi graininess, but personally I found this to make the content of the music feel so much more natural in comparison to similarly-designed output by Being Dead’s closest rivals. In general, “Apostles’ Prom” is robustly orchestrated, with a master mix that generously allows us to isolate and examine every subtle gear turning within the melody. The chilling echo attached to the vocals is all the icier courtesy of the muscular EQ cushioning the bassline, and as far as I’m concerned you would be more than hard pressed to find a song that comes even halfway close to matching the sheer sonic intensity of this track’s bottom-end. From start to finish, this single and its music video are acerbic, focused, and frankly, a whole lot of fun.

Music enthusiasts who enjoy venturing to the outer reaches of rock n’ roll’s fringe class would be quite wise to give “Apostles’ Prom” a spin this January, if for no other reason than to see what all of the fuss and hype from critics, like myself, has been about. This could be a rare case of the music video for a single actually surpassing the expressional threshold of its source material, but honestly it would be a disservice to Being Dead’s songcraft to tell you that all of their music doesn’t carry the same gargantuan weight that this track does. A serious juggernaut in a season that has been unfortunately underwhelming, I highly recommend “Apostles’ Prom” to anyone who loves solid, imaginative experimental music.

by Joshua Corbin

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